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2021The Testimonio Effect in Slash and Burn: Representing the Voices of Women in WarHughes Waldick, Zoë; Guerrero, Jorge Carlos
2021“Tokyo, 1947”: Cultural Retrospection and the Westernization of Postwar Japan in Lynne Kutsukake’s The Translation of LoveCisneros, Pamela; Schwartz, Agatha
2021Crypto: Art, Currency, and CapitalAluma-Baigent, Alia; Perissinotto, Cristina
2021Little Girl: The Weaponization of Infantilized and Roboticized (Hyper)Femininity in Postwar Japanese Popular CultureAzzi, Amanda; Schwartz, Agatha
2021Out of the Closet and onto the Bookshelf: Lesbian Liberation in Elena Fortún's Oculto SenderoCybanski, Kara; Cornejo-Parriego, Rosalía
2020Who’s in the Mood for Mood? - Multilingual study on the subjunctive in SpanishCharles, Miranda; Valenzuela, Elena
2018The Fantastic Path Toward Self: Magical Realism and Identity in Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase and Kafka on the ShoreYucel, Ecem; Esleben, Joerg
2018Her (Sub)version of History: The Works of Carmen Guerrero NakpilMucha, Matthew; Guerrero, Jorge Carlos
2020The Arab Canadian Identity. Interculturalism, Trauma, and Identity Metamorphosis in Cockroach and SabahRahman, Elena; Telmissany, May
2020Remembering the Algerian War: Trauma, Women, Diaspora and Aftermath in Cartouches Gauloises, Hors La Loi and The Battle of AlgiersZhao, Zixuan; Telmissany, May
2019Après le rideau de fer : le paradoxe du cinéma postcommuniste bulgarePellerin Petrova, Anna; Schwartz, Agatha
2020Exhibits of Truth and Reconciliation: Creating Empathetic Spaces for Indigenous Narratives in CanadaSchwartz, Agatha; Pilon, Marylene
2020Representations of Labour, Race, and Orientalism in Tale of a Certain Orient and BlackbodyingJurdi, Erika; Schwartz, Agatha