RDM Readiness Report: Shifting Horizons II: Realities of Research Data Management

dc.contributor.authorTayler, Felicity
dc.contributor.authorRipp, Chantal
dc.contributor.authorJafary, Maziar
dc.description.abstractThe overall intention of this report is to understand our uOttawa Library staff readiness to provide RDM services. Shifting Horizon II was the fourth in a series of annual uOttawa Library events dedicated to research data management (RDM) awareness-raising and training. Conclusions regarding RDM readiness are derived from information gathered during the registration process as well as results from a post event evaluation survey for the event. This year focused on institutional capacity building by upskilling Librarians, research facilitators, faculty IT representatives and research administrators and support staff. This report has shown that the event catalyzed a nascent community of practice at uOttawa, which also reaches out to include those senior-level administrators from funding agencies, Library, OVPR and Central IT who were in attendance. Preliminary recommendations are made for future RDM training needs and opportunities for Librarians, with some consideration to the needs of other research support staff working in RDM-related services and departments beyond the Library.
dc.subjectResearch Data Management
dc.subjectData Management Planning
dc.subjectLibrary Services
dc.titleRDM Readiness Report: Shifting Horizons II: Realities of Research Data Management
dc.typeWorking Paper
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