Greece as Europe’s Aspida: Acting as a Shield in an Era of Biopolitical Warfare

dc.contributor.authorVarvaresos, Tina
dc.description.abstractThis Major Research Paper (MRP) seeks to critically examine a novel approach to border security and migration management put forward by Glenda Garelli and Martina Tazzioli (2018A) entitled biopolitical warfare. Biopolitical warfare defines interventions, tactics, and techniques that seek to contain, divert, disrupt, or decelerate migrants’ mobility as a form of hybrid warfare. In doing so, biopolitical warfare seeks to call attention to the critical violence that migrants often face in their journeys from the EU and EU Member States. At the time of this writing, Garelli and Tazzioli’s scholarship on biopolitical warfare is the only known scholarship on the subject with regards to migration management. In light of the limited scholarship, this MRP seeks to take the authors’ work further by applying the biopolitical warfare approach to the most recent Greece-Turkey border crisis of March 2020. This paper begins by situating biopolitical warfare via an examination of the relevant academic scholarship that informs the approach: namely, (in)securitization theory; the securitization of migration; and military-humanitarianism. Next, this MRP defines biopolitical warfare, and establishes an understanding of both the “biopolitical” and “warfare” components of the framework. A brief examination of the case study and responses to the crisis follows. Finally, a discussion section explores the relevance and potential future avenues for biopolitical warfare scholarship. Through an examination of the most recent crisis, this MRP has found that the biopolitical warfare approach can be applied in border security and migration management interventions that operate on land, complimenting Garelli and Tazzioli’s initial scholarship that examined sea-based interventions, thereby positioning biopolitical warfare as a strong analytic approach for examining border security and migration management operations in the EU. Keywords: Biopolitical warfare; migration management; border security; securitization theory.
dc.titleGreece as Europe’s Aspida: Acting as a Shield in an Era of Biopolitical Warfare
dc.typeResearch Paper
dc.contributor.supervisorRobinson, Paul
CollectionAffaires publiques et internationales - Mémoires // Public and International Affairs - Research Papers

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