Barriers and Facilitators to Young People's Access to and Engagement With Mental Health Services

Title: Barriers and Facilitators to Young People's Access to and Engagement With Mental Health Services
Authors: Newell, Bailey
Date: 2020
Abstract: This research project was conducted with the intention of gaining a better understanding of the barriers and facilitators that youth, aged 16 to 24 years, encountered while accessing and engaging in professional mental health care. Furthermore, it investigated the perceived impact of these barriers and facilitators on the young people’s satisfaction with the service and on the progress that they accomplished during treatment. The study also sought the participants’ input on how to improve this populations access to services and how their ongoing involvement in treatment could be encouraged. The data was collected through individual semi-structured interviews with five young people who had experienced a mental health concern and engaged in services for at least two months. The project’s findings demonstrate that while some barriers and facilitators occur as a result of the youth’ own thoughts and behaviors, others are imposed on them by the members of their entourage, by the service / treatment itself, by the provider, as well as by society. The results also suggest that barriers harm young people’s level of satisfaction and progress, while facilitators increase their satisfaction and enhance their progress. Finally, several recommendations, as proposed by the participants themselves, that could facilitate young peoples’ access to and engagement with services are presented. Keywords: Young people, youth, mental health, treatment, mental health services, barriers, facilitators, access, engagement.
CollectionL’École de service social - Mémoires // School of Social Work - Research Papers
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