Achieving Policy Coherence for Development: A Matter of Coalition Resources?

dc.contributor.authorChan, Sheena
dc.description.abstractPolicy coherence for development (PCD) has risen on the donor community’s agenda over the years as globalization makes it impossible to ignore non-aid policies’ impact on development. Although straightforward in theory, PCD has proven much more difficult to achieve in practice. Policy incoherence remains commonplace, even as the number of guidelines and best practices for avoiding it increase. This thesis used the Advocacy Coalition Framework to analyze two cases of policy change in Sweden and Germany, namely the adoption of the democracy criterion for arms exports and the coal phase-out respectively. The findings suggest that the current discourse about PCD among donors and donor institutions – that PCD can be achieved through better evidence and greater policy coordination – requires careful scrutiny. The Swedish and German case studies strongly suggest that bureaucratic mechanisms for PCD are insufficient to make the significant political trade-offs PCD typically demands. This analysis argues that achieving policy coherence, especially where there are significant conflicts between development and self-interest, requires political direction catalyzed by an external event. This event, or series of events, must be disruptive and focus significant public attention on the policy issue, to trigger a redistribution of power in the policy subsystem. A combination of other necessary and sufficient factors is also needed for successful policy change in favour of PCD. Institutional mechanisms cannot substitute for political will, and the current move towards a de-politicized treatment of PCD – as something that can be achieved through technocratic means – should be re-examined.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectPolicy coherence for development
dc.subjectAdvocacy coalition framework
dc.subjectPolicy change
dc.titleAchieving Policy Coherence for Development: A Matter of Coalition Resources?
dc.contributor.supervisorBrown, Stephen sociales / Social Sciences
uottawa.departmentDéveloppement international et mondialisation / International Development and Global Studies
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