Doing Good, Feeling Good: Causal Evidence from Canadian Volunteers

Title: Doing Good, Feeling Good: Causal Evidence from Canadian Volunteers
Authors: Deri Armstrong, Catherine
Devlin, Rose Anne
Seifi, Forough
Date: 2018
Abstract: Volunteers are reputedly healthier and happier than their non-volunteering counterparts. But is this a causal link or are healthier, happy individuals simply more likely to volunteer? Some papers have attempted to identify the causal relationship using an instrumental variable methodology; most relying on measures of religiosity as instruments for volunteering. No studies of such nature have been conducted in Canada. We rely on a novel instrument, a measure physical proximity to volunteer opportunities and use data from Canadian General Social Surveys to fill this gap. Employing a conditional mixed process (CMP) model, we find that volunteering is a robustly significant predictor of health, and positively affects life satisfaction for female and middle-aged individuals.
CollectionÉconomie - Publications // Economics - Working Papers
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