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2016Politicians, Pollution and Performance in the Workplace: The Effect of PM on MPsHeyes, Anthony; Rivers, Nicholas; Schaufele, Brandon
2016Valuing Inputs Under Supply Uncertainty: The Bayesian Shapley ValuePongou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2016A Complete Characterization of Equilibria in Common Agency Screening GamesMartimort, David; Semenov, Aggey; Stole, Lars
2016Terrorism and Employment: Evidence from Successful and Failed Terror AttacksBrodeur, Abel
2016On the Dispensability of New Transportation Technologies:Evidence from Colonial Railroads in NigeriaOkoye, Dozie; Pongou, Roland; Yokossi, Tite
2016The Persistence of Trade Policy in China After WTO AccessionGarred, Jason
2017Regional Productivity Convergence: An Analysis of the Pulp and Paper Industries in U.S., Canada, Finland, and SwedenHussain, Md. Jakir; Bernard, Jean-Thomas
2017Model Uncertainty and the Direction of Fit of the Postwar U.S. Phillips Curve(s)Rondina, Francesca
2017On the Dispensability of New Transportation Technologies: Evidence from the Heterogeneous Impact of Railroads in NigeriaOkoye, Dozie; Pongou, Roland; Yokossi, Tite
2017Underage Brides and Grooms’ EducationDessy, Sylvain; Diarra, Setou; Pongou, Roland
2017Two-sided Learning and Short-Run Dynamics in a New Keynesian Model of the EconomyMatthes, Christian; Rondina, Francesca
2017War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex IndustryBrodeur, Abel; Lekfuangfu, Warn N.; Zylberberg, Yanos
2017Canada’s Trade Policy Options under Donald Trump: NAFTA’s rules of origin, Canada U.S. security perimeter, and Canada’s geographical trade diversification opportunitiesGeorges, Patrick
2017Has Uber Made It Easier to Get a Ride in the Rain?Brodeur, Abel; Nield, Kerry
2017The Impact of Oil Price Changes in a New Keynesian Model of the U.S. EconomyRondina, Francesca
2017Performance of Cross-Border Acquisitions: Evidence from Canadian Firms Acquired by Emerging Market FirmsZhou, Yang; Atallah, Gamal
2017Labor Market Effects of Urban Riots: an Experimental AssessmentDuguet, Emmanuel; Gray, David; L'Horty, Yannick; du Parquet, Loïc; Petit, Pascale
2017Do ‘Catch-up Limits’ Raise Retirement Saving? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity DesignLavecchia, Adam M.
2017Cash-Flow Business Taxation Revisited: Bankruptcy, Risk Aversion and Asymmetric InformationBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro; Tremblay, Jean-François
2017Natural Resource Extraction in a FederationBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro; Tremblay, Jean-François