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Are Quebecers More Stressed Out at Work than Others? An Investigation into the Differences between Quebec and the Rest of Canada in the Level of Work Stress 71
The Persistence of Trade Policy in China After WTO Accession 70
Sex Differences in Early-Age Mortality: The Preconception Origins Hypothesis 54
Climate Change and the Distribution of Agricultural Output 52
Ownership, Compensation and Board Diversity as Innovation Drivers: A Comparison of U.S. and Canadian Firms 50
Institutional Reform in the Rural Sector with Labor and Capital Flows:Factor Income Effects, Structural Changes and Misallocations 43
Regional Productivity Convergence: An Analysis of the Pulp and Paper Industries in U.S., Canada, Finland, and Sweden 41
Redistribution without Distortion: Evidence from an Affirmative Action Program at a Large Brazilian University 36
COVID-19, Lockdowns and Well-Being:Evidence from Google Trends 34
Do ‘Catch-up Limits’ Raise Retirement Saving? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design 33

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