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2022Two decades of poverty reduction politics in Canada: Better for single parent families and single working age adults?Notten, Geranda; Tuz Zohora, Fatima; Plante, Charles; Laforest, Rachel
2022Vaccine and InclusionNganmeni, Zéphirin; Pongou, Roland; Tchantcho, Bertrand; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2022Colonial Origins and Fertility: Can the Market Overcome History?Canning, David; Mabeu, Marie Christelle; Pongou, Roland
2021Charitable Giving and NPOs Investment Decision in a Stochastic Dynamic EconomyJiang, Han; Simons, Aggey
2021Missions and Heterogeneous Social Change: Evidence from Border Discontinuities in the Emirates of NigeriaOkoye, Dozie; Pongou, Roland
2021The Interplay Between Colonial History and Postcolonial Institutions: Evidence from CameroonMabeu, Marie Christelle; Pongou, Roland
2021Survey Non-response in Covid-19 Times: The Case for the Labour Force SurveyBrochu, Pierre; Créchet, Jonathan
2021Round-Robin Political Tournaments: Abstention, Truthful Equilibria, and Effective PowerPongou, Roland; Tchantcho, Bertrand
2021Online Appendix to “Energy Efficiency and Fluctuations in CO2 Emissions”Jo, Soojin; Karnizova, Lilia
2021Energy Efficiency and Fluctuations in CO2 EmissionsJo, Soojin; Karnizova, Lilia
2021When are Tariff Cuts Not Enough? Heterogeneous Effects of Trade Preferences for the Least Developed Countries*Forge, Fabien; Garred, Jason; Kwon, Kyae Lim
2021World War II, the Baby Boom and Employment: County Level Evidence *Brodeur, Abel; Kattan, Lamis
2021Obviously Strategy-proof Mechanism Design With Rich Private InformationHalushka, Mariya
2021A Literature Review of the Economics of COVID-19Brodeur, Abel; Bhuyian, Suraiya; Islam, Anik; Gray, David
2021Timing Matters: Prenatal Climate Shocks, Sex Ratio, and Human CapitalKuate, Landry; Pongou, Roland; Rivers, Nicholas
2021Identity During a Pandemic: COVID-19 and Ethnic Divisions in the United StatesGuzman Debnam, Jakina; Mabeu, Marie Christelle; Pongou, Roland
2020Is excess (fe)male mortality caused by the prenatal environment, child biology, or parental discrimination? New evidence from male-female twinsPongou, Roland
2020An Economic Model of Health-vs-Wealth Prioritization During COVID-19: Optimal Lockdown, Network Centrality, and SegregationPongou, Roland; Tchuente, Guy; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2020Cooperative R&D with Differentiated Products in Vertically Related IndustriesPourkarimi, Parisa; Atallah, Gamal
2004Economic Integration and Regional Industrial Specialization: Evidence from the Canadian- US FTA ExperienceBeine, Michel; Coulombe, Serge