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2015A Longitudinal Analysis of Entries Into and Exits from the Canada’s Guaranteed Income Supplement Regime Among SeniorsFinnie, Ross; Gray, David; Zhang, Yan
2015Sex Differences in Early-Age Mortality: The Preconception Origins HypothesisPongou, Roland
2015Ethnic Inequality: Theory and Evidence from Formal Education in NigeriaDev, Pritha; Mberu, Blessing U.; Pongou, Roland
2015Air Pollution Causes Violent CrimeHeyes, Anthony; Saberian, Soodeh
2016Visible Minorities and Majority Giving*Amankwaa, Benic; Devlin, Rose Anne
2016Volume of Trade and Dynamic Network Formation in Two-Sided EconomiesPongou, Roland; Serrano, Roberto
2016Winners and Losers from a Commodities-for-Manufactures Trade BoomCosta, Francisco; Garred, Jason; Pessoa, João Paulo
2016Survival of the Cleanest? Evidence from a Plant Level Analysis of Pollutant Emissions in Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry, 2005-2013*Bernard, Jean-Thomas; Hussain, Md. Jakir; Sinha, Mishaal Masud
2016Genetic Health Risks: The Case for Universal Public Health InsuranceBarham, Vicky; Devlin, Rosse Anne; Milliken, Olga
2016Institutional Reform in the Rural Sector with Labor and Capital Flows:Factor Income Effects, Structural Changes and MisallocationsCongar, Ronan; Hotte, Louis
2016Philanthropic Behaviour of QuebecersDevlin, Rose Anne; Zhao, Wenzhuo
2020COVID-19, Lockdowns and Well-Being:Evidence from Google TrendsBrodeur, Abel; Clark, Andrew; Fleche, Sarah; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2016Redistribution without Distortion: Evidence from an Affirmative Action Program at a Large Brazilian UniversityEstevan, Fernanda; Gall, Thomas; Morin, Louis-Philippe
2016Prescription Drug Expenditures and ‘Universal’ Coverage: the Quebec Experience in CanadaDevlin, Rose Anne; Wang, Yiwen
2016Technological Progress and Sectoral SharesAtallah, Gamal; Semenov, Aggey
2016The Welfare Economics of Tactical Voting in Democracies: A Partial Identification Equilibrium AnalysisDemeze, Herman; Moyouwou, Issofa; Pongou, Roland
2016Flexible Functional Forms and Curvature Conditions: Parametric Productivity Estimation in Canadian and U.S. Manufacturing IndustriesHussain, Jakir; Bernard, Jean-Thomas
2016Measuring and Decomposing the Distance to the Shapley Wage Function with Limited DataAguiar, Victor; Pongou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2016Are Quebecers More Stressed Out at Work than Others? An Investigation into the Differences between Quebec and the Rest of Canada in the Level of Work StressSedigh, Golnaz; Devlin, Rose Anne; Grenier, Gilles
2016Build it and they will come: Volunteer Opportunities and VolunteeringDeri Armstrong, Catherine; Devlin, Rose Anne; Seifi, Forough