Determinants of Job Satisfaction: Canadian Labour Market

Title: Determinants of Job Satisfaction: Canadian Labour Market
Authors: Ghassemi, Mahshid
Date: 2019
Abstract: This study aims to examine the impact of individual and job characteristics as well as health status on job satisfaction in the Canadian labour market, using an ordered probit model, with data drawn from the General Social Survey (GSS), cycle 30, 2016, Canada: Canadians at work and home. The results highlight the importance of health status, individual and job characteristics. Marginal effects are provided, shedding light on the impact of each independent variable on job satisfaction, making policy targeting more feasible. Among all variables, two job-related factors, having opportunities to provide input into decisions and having a good prospect for career advancement, appear to have the greatest impact on job satisfaction. These findings have implications for policymakers and employers, for job satisfaction is of great importance both for employees' psycho-social well-being, and the efficiency of human capital.
CollectionScience économique - Mémoires // Economics - Research Papers
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