Property Ownership of the Society of Jesus in the Province of Madagascar

Title: Property Ownership of the Society of Jesus in the Province of Madagascar
Authors: Rakotoarisoa, Hasiniaina Eugène Hervé
Date: 2019-05-03
Abstract: A long oral tradition in Malagasy society and the introduction of the written European civilization created a problem for property ownership and supporting documentation in Madagascar. Land titles have become one of the principal source of court cases in the country today. On the one hand, many people have lost their land due to lack of documentation. Portions of land had been inherited from generation to generation, but unknown individuals claim to be the owners with a proof of ownership. On the other hand, there are people who profited from the newly-introduced system and obtained land titles for unregistered properties. Not only did this situation impoverish the majority of the population, but it enhanced corruption at many levels of property administration. The Society of Jesus in Madagascar was not spared from this situation: some of its properties were taken by individuals or groups of people who asserted to own the land. For the last few years, the Society has had to spend valuable time and resources in court to reclaim its goods. Unfortunately, the Society has a low expectation of winning its cases due to the unreliable judicial system in the country. This study intends to contribute to the understanding of the legislation relating to temporal goods of religious institutes, and to assist the Society of Jesus in Madagascar to preserve its goods, in order for it to be able to accomplish its missions without hindrance. The thrust of this study is that, through the proper administration of its property, the Society of Jesus, would become the true face of Christ “who became poor to make us rich” and reflect His light in a world still living in misery and injustice.
CollectionThèses Saint-Paul // Saint Paul Theses