KP Tours

dc.contributor.authorPiché, Justin
dc.contributor.authorFerguson, Matthew
dc.contributor.authorWalby, Kevin
dc.identifier.citationPiché, Justin, Matthew Ferguson and Kevin Walby. 2019. "A 'win-win for everyone involved...' Except Prisoners: Kingston Penitentiary Tours as a Staff, Media and Public Relations Campaign", Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research, Volume 8.
dc.description.abstractIn October 2013, Correctional Service Canada (CSC) decommissioned Kingston Penitentiary (KP) in Kingston, Ontario. To commemorate KP’s closing, CSC organized facility tours for staff members and their families, journalists, and the public. Based on an analysis of Access to Information disclosures informed by Goffman’s (1959) conceptualization of impression management, we examine CSC’s backstage work integral to the organization of KP tours. Our analysis reveals how CSC sought to elevate positive stories of penitentiary staff, as well as the organization’s contribution to public safety and the local community as a means of neutralizing opposition to the closure of the facility expressed by stakeholders. We conclude by discussing the implications of carceral symbolism and the form it takes when punishment memorialization is driven by the imperatives of ‘correctional’ agencies.
dc.description.sponsorshipSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council - Insight Grant (435-2017-0100)
dc.subjectprison tourism
dc.subjectcarceral symbolism
dc.subjectcarceral retasking
dc.subjectCorrectional Service Canada
dc.subjectAccess to Information
dc.titleKP Tours
CollectionCriminologie - Publications // Criminology - Publications

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