Control of Surgical Robots with Time Delay using Model Predictive Control

Title: Control of Surgical Robots with Time Delay using Model Predictive Control
Authors: Ladoiye, Jasmeet Singh
Date: 2018-10-10
Abstract: Minimum invasive surgery is based on bilateral teleoperation in which surgeon interacts with the master side to the slave side that is located at a distance. The synchronization in between the two ends is through a communication channel. The primary objective in the telesurgery is the position and force tracking providing the surgeon with high fidelity. The presence of time delays in the communication channels makes the realization more difficult, and sometimes it may even destabilize the system. The work focuses on a design of the force control system by using Model Predictive Control to compensate for the effects of the time delay related to the use of surgical arms. Another vital issue of minimum impact velocity during contact with the environment has been tried to achieve by using the prediction from the Model Predictive Control to prevent accidental tissue damage. This work also addresses a problem of the developing a simple delayed free predictive kinematic imaging to understand the type of behavior of the system during contact with the environment when no perception is available.
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