Information and Digital Literacies as Foundation of Digital Strategies

Title: Information and Digital Literacies as Foundation of Digital Strategies
Authors: Beaudry, Guylaine
Date: 2018-06-06
Abstract: Information and digital literacies are the foundation of any digital strategy. Libraries and librarians have a leading role in the development and implementation of the digital strategies in their institutions. The founding and centuries-old values of our profession must continue to guide our work in this period of transition, during which it may be tempting to confine ourselves to the roles of the past. In each of our institutions, all librarians have the responsibility to engage, lead and act, while ensuring constant dialogue with their users. Beyond digital collections and new types of spaces, it is on the renewal of our services that our institutions and our users will judge our ability to turn information into action.
CollectionWILU 2018 – Atelier annuel sur la formation documentaire // WILU 2018 – Workshop on Instruction in Library Use