Information Into Action? Reflecting on (Critical) Practice

Title: Information Into Action? Reflecting on (Critical) Practice
Authors: Nicholson, Karen
Date: 2018-06-08
Abstract: Librarianship is a practical, efficient, and results-oriented profession. We’re about saving the time of the user, evidence-based practice, and action-oriented research. We rely heavily on metrics to demonstrate our impact—and our value. At the same time, our focus on turning “information into action” may undermine our professional values and pedagogical goals. The condensed information literacy one-shot, abbreviated how-to video, and perfunctory evaluation checklist promote surface learning and the uncritical consumption of information. The use of metrics is arguably more about making claims for the continued relevance of the library—and the librarian—than it is about facilitating student learning and retention. What other models and options exist to foster a more ethical practice and inclusive information literacy classroom? This keynote will explore the tensions between action/reflection, practice/theory in the context of the information literacy and professional practice.
CollectionWILU 2018 – Atelier annuel sur la formation documentaire // WILU 2018 – Workshop on Instruction in Library Use