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2018-06-06Le rôle des bibliothécaires dans le créacollage numérique des étudiants universitairesPouliot, Jean-Philippe; Peters, Martine; Gervais, Sylvie
2018-06-07Quatre fiches pour ludifier les fondements du nouveau référentiel de l’ACRLMartinolli, Pascal
2018-06-08Beyond Fake News: News Literacy for Our Students and OurselvesMarcyk, Emilia
2018-06-07Fighting Fake News with Fine ForgivenessNowak, Krystyna
2018-06-07Evidence-based IL Program Proposals: Engaging in Curriculum Mapping to Re-envision Instructional PracticeMcPhee, Kim; Sich, Christy; Mantz, Elizabeth
2018-06-08Where Have All the Experts Gone? An Exploration of Deliberative Pedagogy in Library InstructionHernandez Linares, Rosalinda
2018-06-06Social Identity and Class Climate in the Information Literacy Classroom: Cultivating Intellectual Empathy and Critical ReflectionBaer, Andrea
2018-06-06Triumphs and Pitfalls of Leading Social Work Students Through EBPLomness, Arielle; Lacey, Sajni
2018-06-08What Shapes How Academic Librarians Think about Their Teaching? And Why Does It Matter?Houtman, Eveline
2018-06-06Black, White, and Re(a)d: How to Tell Real News from MalarkeyKingsland, Emily; Hanz, Katherine
2018-06-07Turning Interviews into Action: Information Literacy Needs in Online CoursesFrail, Kim; Laroque, Sheila
2018-06-07Discover CORA, the Community of Online Research AssignmentsGardner Archambault, Susan
2018-06-06This Was Actually Fun!: Engaging Users in Conversations about Digital LiteracyRigling, Lillian; Johnson, Erin; Goldhawk, Madisson
2018-06-08Library Support for Engineering InnovationInglis, Holly; Henshilwood, Angela
2018-06-07The Net Is Not Neutral: Teaching Hidden Biases in Everyday Internet UseArcher, Alyssa; Dinkle, Lisa; Bellamy, Liz
2018-06-06Starting Strong: Anticipatory Sets for Student EngagementWest, Brandon; Deutsch, Anne