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2018-06-07Assessing IL Outcomes: From the Standards to the FrameworkBlair, Joanna
2018-06-06If You Give a Health Professional a Webinar: Launching an Information Literacy Webinar Series to Health Professionals Throughout the Province of ManitobaDingwall, Orvie; Babb, Maureen
2018-06-06Student Attendance at Library Workshops: What the Data Tells UsWitherspoon, Richelle
2018-06-08Not Another Fake News Lesson Plan: Inspiring Critical Information LiteracyCraig, Romany; Wiebe, Tara
2018-06-06Information and Digital Literacies as Foundation of Digital StrategiesBeaudry, Guylaine
2018-06-08Information Into Action? Reflecting on (Critical) PracticeNicholson, Karen
2018-06-07Building on First-year Students' Information Seeking Strengths: How Their Life-research Experiences Can Inform FYE Library Instruction CurriculumCox, Emily; Lenker, Mark; Pashkova-Balkenhol, Tatiana
2018-06-06Les bibliothèques collégiales québécoises et la formation documentaireChampoux, Anne-Frédérique; Poirier-Rouillard, Valérie
2018-06-07Real or Fake? Helping York University Spot Fake NewsBury, Sophie; Poon, Amy; Jon, Genny; Duerr, Peter
2018-06-07Lost in the Funhouse: Reflections on Teaching a Course about Reflections on LearningBergart, Robin; Parlette-Stewart, Melanie
2018-06-08Building Competencies, Connections, and Persistence with First-generation StudentsBryant, Amy; Leuschke Blinn, Kate
2018-06-06Plickers et Aurasma en action: développement des compétences informationnellesBendifallah, Fouad; Del Valle, Irazema
2018-06-06Using Intrinsic Motivation in Guided Discussions: Promoting Critical Interactions with Information SourcesWest, Brandon; Witt, Alan
2018-06-07Learning Information Literacy Skills: A Wild Goosechase?Bebbington, Sandra
2018-06-06Hands-on in the Archives: Lessons Learned from Teaching with Online ExhibitsSimpkin, Sarah; Watson, Jada; Gélinas, Karine; Aksim, Mary; Lafleur, Roxanne
2018-06-07Teaching Tension: How Exploring the Tension Between Objectivity and Social Construction Can Enhance Information LiteracyTaylor, Dom
2018-06-07Critically (Re)Envisioning Graduate Research Orientations for the 21st CenturyReyes, Betsaida M.; Maxson, Bronwen K.
2018-06-08Embedding Librarians in the Undergraduate Research Methods Classrooms for Student SuccessRusk, Faith
2018-06-07Academic Integrity for Graduate Students: Listening to International and Indigenous VoicesRodgers, Wendy; Alcock, Erin
2018-06-07Opening up the Library Orientation: Letting the Students LeadSanderson, Heather; Harrigan, Cindy