Advanced maternal age: ethical and medical considerations for assisted reproductive technology

dc.contributor.authorHarrison, BJ
dc.contributor.authorHilton, TN
dc.contributor.authorRiviere, RN
dc.contributor.authorFerraro, ZM
dc.contributor.authorDeonandan, R
dc.contributor.authorWalker, MC
dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Women's Health 2017:9; 561—570
dc.description.abstractObjectives: This review explores the ethical and medical challenges faced by women of advanced maternal age who decide to have children. Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) make post-menopausal pregnancy physiologically plausible, however, one must consider the associated physical, psychological, and sociological factors involved. Methods: A quasi-systematic review was conducted in PubMed and Ovid using the key terms post-menopause, pregnancy + MeSH terms [donations, hormone replacement therapy, assisted reproductive technologies, embryo donation, donor artificial insemination, cryopreservation]. Overall, 28 papers encompassing two major themes (ethical and medical) were included in the review. Conclusion: There are significant ethical considerations and medical (maternal and fetal) complications related to pregnancy in peri- and post-menopausal women. When examining the ethical and sociological perspective, the literature portrays an overall positive attitude toward pregnancy in advanced maternal age. With respect to the medical complications, the general consensus in the evaluated studies suggests that there is greater risk of complication for spontaneous pregnancy when the mother is older (eg, >35 years old). This risk can be mitigated by careful medical screening of the mother and the use of ARTs in healthy women. In these instances, a woman of advanced maternal age who is otherwise healthy can carry a pregnancy with a similar risk profile to that of her younger counterparts when using donated oocytes
dc.titleAdvanced maternal age: ethical and medical considerations for assisted reproductive technology
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