Investigating the potential link between statins and new-onset diabetes mellitus

Title: Investigating the potential link between statins and new-onset diabetes mellitus
Authors: Ibrahim, Salma
Date: 2014
Abstract: HMG–CoA reductase inhibitors (Statins) are a group of pharmaceuticals administered to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme, which plays a key role in cholesterol synthesis within the liver. Statins are effective in reducing cardiovascular events related to atherosclerosis. They are the most widely prescribed pharmaceutical in the world, and it is estimated that 3 million Canadians take statins daily. The literature provides conflicting findings regarding the potential association between statin use and new-onset diabetes type II mellitus (NOD). This study aims to provide a comprehensive and systematically synthesized review of the current literature on statin use and incident diabetes by answering the question: "Does the use of statin medications create a heightened risk of developing new onset type II diabetes mellitus in adults over the age of 20 since the year 1990?"
CollectionSciences de la santé - Affiches // Health Sciences - Research Posters
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