Formalizing Abstract Computability: Turing Categories in Coq

Title: Formalizing Abstract Computability: Turing Categories in Coq
Authors: Vinogradova, Polina
Date: 2017
Abstract: The concept of a recursive function has been extensively studied using traditional tools of computability theory. However, with the development of category-theoretic methods it has become possible to study recursion in a more general (abstract) sense. The particular model this thesis is structured around is known as a Turing category. The structure within a Turing category models the notion of partiality as well as recursive computation, and equips us with the tools of category theory to study these concepts. The goal of this work is to build a formal language description of this computation model. Specifically, to use the Coq proof assistant to formulate informal definitions, propositions and proofs pertaining to Turing categories in the underlying formal language of Coq, the Calculus of Co-inductive Constructions (CIC). Furthermore, we have instantiated the more general Turing category formalism with a CIC description of the category which models the language of partial recursive functions exactly.
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