How a Collaboration Agreement Mediates the Daily Practices of Frontline Violence Against Women Workers: An Institutional Ethnography

dc.contributor.authorSapozhnikov, Francesca
dc.description.abstractWhile interagency collaboration among Children’s Aid Societies and violence against women (VAW) agencies have been mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Service, little is known about these local collaboration agreements. This study seeks to explore how the Ottawa CAS/VAW Collaboration Agreement mediates the work of VAW agencies to protect women and children. Using a purposive sample, a total of eight VAW informants were interviewed. Smith (1999) argued that people’s everyday experiences are organized, often unknowingly, by the actions of people located outside the local setting and that this organization is textually-mediated. This study used institutional ethnography and the listening guide approach to critically examine the collaboration process. The results explore the narratives and standpoints as they relate to the informants’ understanding of the agreement and their descriptions of doing collaboration. This study also adopts the mapping technique developed by institutional ethnographers to map social relations. The findings indicate that informants differed in their familiarity and knowledge of the contents of the collaboration agreement – only two informants indicated that they have reviewed and read the document. The findings also show that although most informants were able to describe positive experiences of collaboration, most also described negative experiences. This study concludes that the collaboration agreement has made VAW workers’ work with women more focused and specific to helping women address Children Aid Society’s concerns. The findings demonstrate that the collaboration agreement requires an update and further research is required to evaluate these collaborations and whether they improve outcomes for women and their children.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectchild protection
dc.subjectVAW agencies
dc.subjectinstitutional ethnography
dc.subjectlistening guide approach
dc.subjectdomestic violence
dc.titleHow a Collaboration Agreement Mediates the Daily Practices of Frontline Violence Against Women Workers: An Institutional Ethnography
dc.contributor.supervisorJohnson, Holly
dc.contributor.supervisorLapierre, Simon sociales / Social Sciences
uottawa.departmentCriminologie / Criminology
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