Requirements Engineering for an Online Asset Mapping Tool for Disaster Preparedness

dc.contributor.authorHadi, Ahsanuzzaman
dc.description.abstractWith increasing incidence of severe disasters, global policies and frameworks have been shifting towards an emphasis on collaboration and community resilience. The greater use of information systems to assist with disasters has prompted a need to examine how technology can support collaboration and resilience. Hence, this thesis aims to identify a set of requirements for a collaborative online asset mapping tool through a requirement engineering process. A multiple case study design was used with the objective of answering: (1) what are the functional, non-functional, and general system requirements of an online asset mapping tool for disaster preparedness; (2) is a standard “off-the-shelf” asset-mapping application feasible for community development and adaptive capacity building for disaster management; and (3) what are the potential designs that can address the requirements? The specific cases examined were The Region of Waterloo, Ontario and Truro, Nova Scotia. The data from the cases was used to perform qualitative content analysis combined with activity diagrams, to determine and analyze the requirements for an online asset mapping tool to aid in disaster preparedness. The findings of the research included shared requirements between the two communities that encompassed: system purpose, system functionalities, user characteristics, and system requirements. Furthermore, prototype user interface (UI) wireframes were developed using the requirements results to show a potential design of an online asset mapping application. This thesis research addressed the need to design a tool that facilitates all aspects of the asset mapping process. Ultimately, this research builds the foundation to which future research can examine the requirements to design and develop a citizen-oriented tool to enhance community disaster resilience.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectRequirement Engineering
dc.subjectRequirement Analysis
dc.subjectDisaster Preparedness
dc.subjectAsset Mapping
dc.subjectAsset Based Community Development
dc.subjectOnline Asset Mapping
dc.subjectThe EnRiCH Project
dc.titleRequirements Engineering for an Online Asset Mapping Tool for Disaster Preparedness
dc.contributor.supervisorO’Sullivan, Tracey
dc.contributor.supervisorLane, Daniel / Management
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -