Application of Base Isolation Systems to Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings

dc.contributor.authorHan, Mengyu
dc.description.abstractSeismic isolation systems are widely used to protect reinforced concrete (RC) structures against the effects of strong ground motions. After a magnitude 6.6 earthquake, the outpatient building of Lushan People’s hospital in China remained in good condition due to the seismic isolation technology, while the non-isolated older outpatient building nearby experienced major damage. The building provides a good opportunity to study and assess the contribution of isolation systems to seismic performance of RC structures. In the current research project, the isolated outpatient building was modelled and analyzed using computer software SAP2000. The post-yield behaviour of the structure was modelled by assigning multi-linear plastic links to frame objects. The rubber isolators were represented by rubber isolator link elements, assigned as a single joint element between the ground and the superstructure. The isolated structure was subjected to four earthquake records with increasing intensity. The performances of the isolated structure were compared with those of the fixed-base structures in terms of lateral inter-storey drifts, peak absolute floor accelerations, and residual drifts. The laminated rubber bearings, the high damping isolation devices, composed of rubber bearings and viscous dampers, and the hybrid isolation system of rubber bearings and friction pendulum bearings were analysed. The effectiveness of the three base isolation systems considered in enhancing structural performance was investigated. The results show the level of improvement attained in seismic response by each system. They also illustrate that the rubber bearings coupled with friction pendulum bearings produce the best drift control without causing excessive horizontal displacements at the base level and without adversely affecting floor accelerations.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectRubber Bearing
dc.subjectFriction Pendulum Bearing
dc.subjectViscous Damper
dc.subjectStructural Performance Analysis
dc.subjectReinforced Concrete Frame
dc.subjectSeismic Analysis
dc.titleApplication of Base Isolation Systems to Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings
dc.contributor.supervisorSaatcioglu, Muraténie / Engineering
uottawa.departmentGénie civil / Civil Engineering
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -

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