Small Trinity

Title: Small Trinity
Authors: Gollner, Adrian
Date: 2016
Abstract: I have an interest in transposing elements of sound, time, and motion into other forms. The thesis exhibition, small Trinity, presents my efforts to capture the essence of an explosion as a sculpture. The resulting objects provide viewers with the chance to examine an explosion in a stilled state, but also to consider the enormous powers we humans wield. Comprising the exhibition are three series: Exploded Vases (2014-15), Cast Explosions (2015) and small Trinity (2016). In each, an experimental methodology is applied to tracing, capturing and then casting the shape of small explosions in a manner that is raw and un-manipulated. For the title series, small Trinity (2016), I set a goal of casting an explosion 1/1,000,000th of the power of the first atomic bomb, Trinity (1945). Through a series of successively larger explosions and casts, the goal was achieved and presented as a series of aluminium, concrete and resin sculptures.
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