Does ENERGY STAR .Affect the Provision of Energy-Efficient Goods?

Title: Does ENERGY STAR .Affect the Provision of Energy-Efficient Goods?
Authors: Novaes de Amorim, Arthur
Date: 2016-08
Abstract: Do voluntary energy efficiency certification programs affect the provision of efficient energy-using products in the market? I construct a model of firms' strategic responses to energy efficiency ecolabels to assess the effect of the labeling requirements on energy savings and energy efficiency market transformation. The first part of the paper provides graphical evidence suggesting that firms manufacture products that bunch at energy efficiency certification requirements. Following this result, the second part of the paper estimates the energy savings "attribution rates" of multiple specifications of the ENERGY STAR ecolabel for household appliances, and evaluates the program benefits for the product categories examined. I find that updates to ENERGY STAR certification requirements have a significant impact on the availability of high efficiency models. High efficiency appliances sold due to ENERGY STAR during the period examined in this paper will save approximately 25 petajoules over their lifetime.
CollectionÉconomie - Mémoires // Economics - Research Papers