Motivic Decompositions and Hecke-Type Algebras

Title: Motivic Decompositions and Hecke-Type Algebras
Authors: Neshitov, Alexander
Date: 2016
Abstract: Let G be a split semisimple algebraic group over a field k. Our main objects of interest are twisted forms of projective homogeneous G-varieties. These varieties have been important objects of research in algebraic geometry since the 1960's. The theory of Chow motives and their decompositions is a powerful tool for studying twisted forms of projective homogeneous varieties. Motivic decompositions were discussed in the works of Rost, Karpenko, Merkurjev, Chernousov, Calmes, Petrov, Semenov, Zainoulline, Gille and other researchers. The main goal of the present thesis is to connect motivic decompositions of twisted homogeneous varieties to decompositions of certain modules over Hecke-type algebras that allow purely combinatorial description. We work in a slightly more general situation than Chow motives, namely we consider the category of h-motives for an oriented cohomology theory h. Examples of h include Chow groups, Grothendieck K_0, algebraic cobordism of Levine-Morel, Morava K-theory and many other examples. For a group G there is the notion of a versal torsor such that any G-torsor over an infinite field can be obtained as a specialization of a versal torsor. We restrict our attention to the case of twisted homogeneous spaces of the form E/P where P is a special parabolic subgroup of G. The main result of this thesis states that there is a one-to-one correspondence between h-motivic decompositions of the variety E/P and direct sum decompositions of modules DFP* over the graded formal affine Demazure algebra DF. This algebra was defined by Hoffnung, Malagon-Lopez, Savage and Zainoulline combinatorially in terms of the character lattice, the Weyl group and the formal group law of the cohomology theory h. In the classical case h=CH the graded formal affine Demazure algebra DF coincides with the nil Hecke ring, introduced by Kostant and Kumar in 1986. So the Chow motivic decompositions of versal homogeneous spaces correspond to decompositions of certain modules over the nil Hecke ring. As an application, we give a purely combinatorial proof of the indecomposability of the Chow motive of generic Severi-Brauer varieties and the versal twisted form of HSpin8/P1.
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