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2016Audiences of Romance: Tristan and Iseult in Chertsey AbbeyChow, Charlene; Rector, Geoff
2016-03-23Subcloning of urease enzyme in Sporosarcina ureaeNguyen, Linh; Fortin, Dr. Danielle
2017-04-04Inhibitory effect of Achillea millefolium on fatty acid amide hydrolaseWitol, Adriaan; Harris, Cory
2016-11-22Red blood cells: a 3D printed approachWoodside, Sawyer; Mavriplis, Catherine
2016-11-22Making an Impact in Five Minutes or Less: Analyzing Effective Technical PresentationsZamin, Arianne; Mavriplis, Catherine
2016-11-22The missing gender: a content analysis of women in computer science periodicals, 1984-1998Sverdrup-Yap, Diana; Mavriplis, Catherine
2016-11-22Analysis of fluid mechanics structures using three-dimensional printing techniquesChander, Onkar; Mavriplis, Catherine
2016-07-27Assessing number identification in wordsKraft, Cameron; Desrochers, Alain
2016-07-14Are renal tumour scoring systems better than clinical judgment at predicting partial nephrectomy complexity?Kumar, Ravi; Breau, Rodney
2016-07-14Be Sweet to Babies during immunizations: Showing the evidenceMacNaughton, Lindsay Jean; Harrison, Denise
2016-07-14Endocrine control of mating duration in male fruit fly, Drosophila melanogasterKwan, Alex; Kim, Woo Jae
2016-07-14“A Word After A Word After A Word is Power” Climate Politics and the Media Coverage of Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the FloodLewis, Thea Gabrielle; Paterson, Matthew
2016-07-14Quantifier l’anxiété à l'égard de la santé indépendamment de la maladie chronique, une revue systématique de la littératureLavigne, Andrée-Anne; Lebel, Sophie
2016-07-14Artificial muscle design based on electroactive polymersLomovtsev, Dmitry; Doumit, Marc
2016-07-14Characterization of a touchless heating system for microfluidic applicationsLe, Andy Vinh; Fenech, Marianne
2016-07-12Sex Differences, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Event Related Potentials Elicited During Cognitive TasksMaccosham, Aaron Joshua; Knoefel, Frank
2016-07-12Human ecology & biodiversity in Austronesian societiesKarabatsos, Alex; Simon, Scott
2016-07-12Rémunération des mères porteuses: une perspective féministeKhy, Amara; Giroux, Michelle
2016-07-11“Good Farmers” and the Development Imaginary in KenyaInglis, Paige; Ramisch, Joshua
2016-07-11Investigating The Presence Of Ketohexokinase In Neurons Of Mammalian Brain TissueKonci, Jenny; Messier, Claude