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2020Women Strapped with Bombs: “Victim-Perpetrators” In The Boko Haram Insurgency – A Case of Gender PersecutionSagay, Christiana Essie
2022Building Constructive and Sound Labour Relations in Colombia – A contribution towards the improvement of labour practices in ColombiaLe Bouthillier, Yves; Torres, Mario; OVALLE DÍAZ, Nelson Arturo
2022Construyendo Relaciones Laborales Constructivas y Sólidas en Colombia: una contribución a la mejora de las prácticas laborales en ColombiaLe Bouthillier, Yves; Torres, Mario; OVALLE DÍAZ, Nelson Arturo
2022L'argumentation juridiqueBontems, Camille; Courtemanche, France; Levesque, Anne
2020Les blessures de naissance au Canada: La réforme de la responsabilité médicale est essentielleTemkit, Maha
2019Ownership and Control over Publicly Accessible Platform DataScassa, Teresa
2019Online Activism as a Tool for Anti-Racist Social ChangeTemkit, Maha; St. Lewis, Joanne
2014From individual coping strategies to illness codification: the reflection of gender in social science research on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)Nadeau, Geneviève; Lippel, Katherine
2016-07Police Service Crime Mapping as Civic Technology: A Critical AssessmentScassa, Teresa
2004Exploited Employees or Exploited Entrepreneurial Agents? A Look at Erotic DancersBouclin, Suzanne
2010Geographic Information as Personal InformationScassa, Teresa
2011-05-16L’avenir des minorités de langues officielles et l’engagement des institutions fédérales : la partie VII de la Loi sur les langues officielles comme outil permettant de réaliser l’égalité réelleCorriveau, Monick; Léger, Richard; Létourneau, Matthew; Roy, Mélanie
2010The Future of Official Language Minority Groups and the Commitment by Federal Institutions: Part VII of the Official Languages Act as a Tool for Achieving Substantive EqualityCorriveau, Monick; Léger, Richard; Létourneau, Matthew; Roy, Mélanie
2004Recalibrating Copyright Law? A Comment on the Supreme Court of Canada's Decision in CCH v. Law Society of Upper CanadaScassa, Teresa
2007Privacy Crime and Terror: Legal Rights and Security in a Time of Peril (book review)Scassa, Teresa
2005Interests in the BalanceScassa, Teresa
2010-10-20T13:13:24ZCopyright Reform and Fact-Based WorksScassa, Teresa
2004Originality and Utilitarian Works: The Uneasy Relationship between Copyright Law and Unfair CompetitionScassa, Teresa