SmartHand: A Sense of Assistive Devices

Title: SmartHand: A Sense of Assistive Devices
Authors: Lee, Philip M.
Date: 2011-01
Abstract: Amputees have often faced social stigma attributable to their visible limb loss or use of artificial substitutions. In recent years, the use of prosthetics has become much more advanced, particularly in the field of sensory prostheses. One such assistive device, a new prototype technology known as the SmartHand, has recently been featured on several news networks. It is through this discussion that the SmartHand will be reviewed and compared with existing platforms that include myoelectric prostheses and targeted muscle reinnervation. Use of the SmartHand has been noted as having increased levels of competence in and improved the quality of life of its users. These conclusions also bring to light the scientific barriers that are faced, primarily with respect to tissue rejection. The cost benefit analysis of such a device may also produce conflicting data, thereby making it difficult to implement this device on a larger scale. Despite these problems, the SmartHand represents one of the most scientifically advanced assistive devices available in today’s market, whose usefulness for amputees is undeniable.
CollectionRevue interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé // Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences
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