Exercise vs Calcium Intake – The Best Strategy to Reduce Hip Fracture Risk

dc.contributor.authorDeut, Swanti
dc.contributor.authorPuveendran, Mythile
dc.description.abstractBackground: Hip fractures are a growing problem in Canada and account for approximately 35% of all fall-related hospitalizations among seniors aged 65 and older. Exercise and calcium supplements have been shown to decrease the risk associated with hip fractures. However, most studies do not exclusively compare the associations between exercise and calcium intake as preventative strategies to reduce hip fracture risk. Objective: To summarize relevant literature and critically assess the evidence to determine the best preventative strategy to reduce hip fracture risk by assessing its relationship with exercise and calcium intake. Methods: A literature review of studies published between 1988 to 2015 was conducted using Medline and Cochrane Reviews. Keywords included “Risk of Hip Fractures” AND “Exercise” or “Physical Activity”, “Risk of Hip Fractures” AND “Calcium”, “Prevention” AND “Intervention” AND “Risk of Hip Fractures”. Exempted studies were those that focused on populations with osteoporosis and fall risk, or lacked relative risk measurements; the remaining nine articles were examined. Results: The majority of studies indicated negative associations between exercise and hip fractures, and mixed associations between calcium intake and hip fracture risk. Conclusion: Although the majority of studies concluded a negative association between exercise and hip fracture risk, there were mixed results for calcium intake that could be explained by an addition of vitamin D intake. Only a few studies included multiple preventative strategies to assess hip fracture risk, however, there are no studies that specifically examine the relationship between exercise and calcium intake and hip fracture risk. Further studies are required to make definitive conclusions.
dc.titleExercise vs Calcium Intake – The Best Strategy to Reduce Hip Fracture Risk
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