Development of a transoral robotic surgery program in Canada

Title: Development of a transoral robotic surgery program in Canada
Authors: Nichols, Anthony C
Fung, Kevin
Chapeskie, Corina
Dowthwaite, Samuel A
Basmaji, John
Dhaliwal, Sandeep
Szeto, Christopher C
Palma, David A
Theurer, Julie A
Corsten, Martin A
Odell, Michael
Barrett, John W
Franklin, Jason H
Yoo, John
Date: 2013-02-01
Abstract: Abstract Due to significant differences in healthcare structure between the United States and Canada, there are unique barriers to adopting new medical technology in Canada. In this article, we describe our experience developing a transoral robotic surgery (TORS) program at Western University. Specifically, we outline the steps that were necessary to obtain institutional and multidisciplinary team approval, financial support, as well as surgeon and allied healthcare personnel training. This experience can potentially be used as a roadmap for other Canadian institutions pursuing a TORS program.
CollectionLibre accès - Publications // Open Access - Publications
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