Advancing the science of organ donor management

Title: Advancing the science of organ donor management
Authors: Dhanani, Sonny
Shemie, Sam D
Date: 2014-11-12
Abstract: Abstract There is an increasing burden of responsibility for intensivists to optimize donation potential after the declaration of brain death in patients with catastrophic brain injury. Best practice for donor management, if present, has been formed on low quality and mainly observational studies or consensus. In particular, research into the use of corticosteroids has shown varied benefit. The specific and limited results of the CORTICOME study are less important than the systematic methodology and the development of rigour in the study of deceased organ donation. Donor management would benefit from continued systematic analysis of current literature, understanding of the physiologic basis for therapy, and further prospective controlled trials. Worldwide collaboration partnerships and funding are needed to optimize the management of deceased organ donation.
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