Health coaching in primary care: a feasibility model for diabetes care

dc.contributor.authorLiddy, Clare
dc.contributor.authorJohnston, Sharon
dc.contributor.authorNash, Kate
dc.contributor.authorWard, Natalie
dc.contributor.authorIrving, Hannah
dc.identifier.citationBMC Family Practice. 2014 Apr 03;15(1):60
dc.description.abstractAbstract Background Health coaching is a new intervention offering a one-on-one focused self-management support program. This study implemented a health coaching pilot in primary care clinics in Eastern Ontario, Canada to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of integrating health coaching into primary care for patients who were either at risk for or diagnosed with diabetes. Methods We implemented health coaching in three primary care practices. Patients with diabetes were offered six months of support from their health coach, including an initial face-to-face meeting and follow-up by email, telephone, or face-to-face according to patient preference. Feasibility was assessed through provider focus groups and qualitative data analysis methods. Results All three sites were able to implement the program. A number of themes emerged from the focus groups, including the importance of physician buy-in, wide variation in understanding and implementing of the health coach role, the significant impact of different systems of team communication, and the significant effect of organizational structure and patient readiness on Health coaches’ capacity to perform their role. Conclusions It is feasible to implement health coaching as an integrated program within small primary care clinics in Canada without adding additional resources into the daily practice. Practices should review their organizational and communication processes to ensure optimal support for health coaches if considering implementing this intervention.
dc.titleHealth coaching in primary care: a feasibility model for diabetes care
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.rights.holderLiddy et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.
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