A Re-examination of Driving-Related Attitudes and Readiness to Change Driving Behaviour in Older Adults

dc.contributor.authorTuokko, Holly
dc.contributor.authorJouk, Alexandra
dc.contributor.authorMyers, Anita
dc.contributor.authorMarshall, Shawn
dc.contributor.authorMan-Son-Hing, Malcolm
dc.contributor.authorPorter, Michelle M.
dc.contributor.authorBédard, Michel
dc.contributor.authorGélinas, Isabelle
dc.contributor.authorKorner-Bitensky, Nicol
dc.contributor.authorMazer, Barbara
dc.contributor.authorNaglie, Gary
dc.contributor.authorRapoport, Mark
dc.contributor.authorVrkljan, Brenda
dc.identifier.citationPhysical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics 08/2014; 32(3).
dc.description.abstractAims: A detailed, in-depth examination of attitudes relevant to driving restriction practices was examined in 928 active drivers aged 70 and older. Method: The number of reported conditions and reasons for restricting driving were examined in relation to theory-based (Transtheoretical Model, Theory of Planned Behavior) attitudinal constructs. Results: Those more likely to restrict driving consistently showed more negative attitudes toward driving, whereas those less likely to restrict were inconsistent with respect to perceived benefits of driving and social pressure to continue driving. Self-referent attitudes toward driving were more strongly associated with reported restricted driving than attitudes toward driving held in relation to others. Attitudinal constructs from the Transtheoretical Model were more consistently related to driving restriction than those from the Theory of Planned Behavior. Conclusion: Theory-based attitudinal constructs are strongly related to driving restriction practices, but longitudinal data is needed to examine in more detail the role of attitudes in the behavior change process.
dc.description.sponsorshipCIHR #90429
dc.subjectOlder driver
dc.subjectbehaviour change
dc.subjectdriving restriction
dc.subjectTranstheoretical Model of Behavior Change
dc.subjectTheory of Planned Behaviour
dc.titleA Re-examination of Driving-Related Attitudes and Readiness to Change Driving Behaviour in Older Adults
CollectionMédecine // Medicine