How Might Canadian Women Talk About Peri-Coital Contraception?

Title: How Might Canadian Women Talk About Peri-Coital Contraception?
Authors: Parniak, Simone N.
Date: 2015
Abstract: The peri-coital contraceptive pill is a potential method for pregnancy prevention that could be taken in a period before or after unprotected sexual intercourse. However, uptake of a new contraceptive method relies on accessible terminology and frameworks with which to discuss it. I conducted seven focus group discussions across Canada to understand how women talk about different reproductive health technologies, explore the ways these discourses influence language and frameworks women use to talk about peri-coital contraceptives, and identify perceptions of and concerns about this potential method. Women thought the peri-coital contraceptive pill would be a valuable addition to current contraception. They disliked the name ”peri-coital”; although some participants created more resonant names related to unique aspects of this method, many found it challenging to clearly discuss the method with existing language for contraception. Concerted effort to develop terminology that is clearer may help facilitate the eventual introduction of this new contraceptive method in Canada and beyond.
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