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13-Apr-2017Early identification of patients requiring massive transfusion, embolization, or hemostatic surgery for traumatic hemorrhage: a systematic review protocolTran, Alexandre; Matar, Maher; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Lampron, Jacinthe; Taljaard, Monica; Vaillancourt, Christian
13-Apr-2017The diagnosis and management of the Spitz nevus in the pediatric population: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolAbboud, Jean; Stein, Michael; Ramien, Michele; Malic, Claudia
17-Apr-2017Understanding discharge communication behaviours in a pediatric emergency care context: a mixed methods observation study protocolCurran, Janet A; Bishop, Andrea; Plint, Amy; MacPhee, Shannon; Zemek, Roger; Chorney, Jill; Jabbour, Mona; Porter, Stephen; Sawyer, Scott
13-Apr-2017Specific coping strategies moderate the link between emotion expression deficits and nonsuicidal self-injury in an inpatient sample of adolescentsThomassin, Kristel; Guérin Marion, Camille; Venasse, Myriam; Shaffer, Anne
11-Apr-2017Efficacy and completion rates of rifapentine and isoniazid (3HP) compared to other treatment regimens for latent tuberculosis infection: a systematic review with network meta-analysesPease, Christopher; Hutton, Brian; Yazdi, Fatemeh; Wolfe, Dianna; Hamel, Candyce; Quach, Pauline; Skidmore, Becky; Moher, David; Alvarez, Gonzalo G
4-Apr-2017Cancer and central nervous system disorders: protocol for an umbrella review of systematic reviews and updated meta-analyses of observational studiesCatalá-López, Ferrán; Hutton, Brian; Driver, Jane A; Page, Matthew J; Ridao, Manuel; Valderas, José M; Alonso-Arroyo, Adolfo; Forés-Martos, Jaume; Martínez, Salvador; Gènova-Maleras, Ricard; Macías-Saint-Gerons, Diego; Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto; Vieta, Eduard; Valencia, Alfonso; Tabarés-Seisdedos, Rafael
5-Apr-2017Informing primary care reform in Greece: patient expectations and experiences (the QUALICOPC study)Lionis, Christos; Papadakis, Sophia; Tatsi, Chrysanthi; Bertsias, Antonis; Duijker, George; Mekouris, Prodromos-Bodosakis; Boerma, Wienke; Schäfer, Willemijn
4-Apr-2017Measuring implementation behaviour of menu guidelines in the childcare setting: confirmatory factor analysis of a theoretical domains framework questionnaire (TDFQ)Seward, Kirsty; Wolfenden, Luke; Wiggers, John; Finch, Meghan; Wyse, Rebecca; Oldmeadow, Christopher; Presseau, Justin; Clinton-McHarg, Tara; Yoong, Sze L
5-Apr-2017Causes, consequences, and policy responses to the migration of health workers: key findings from IndiaWalton-Roberts, Margaret; Runnels, Vivien; Rajan, S. I; Sood, Atul; Nair, Sreelekha; Thomas, Philomina; Packer, Corinne; MacKenzie, Adrian; Tomblin Murphy, Gail; Labonté, Ronald; Bourgeault, Ivy L
6-Apr-2017Lower serum magnesium is associated with vascular calcification in peritoneal dialysis patients: a cross sectional studyMolnar, Amber O; Biyani, Mohan; Hammond, Ian; Harmon, John P; Lavoie, Susan; McCormick, Brendan; Sood, Manish M; Wagner, Jessica; Pena, Elena; Zimmerman, Deborah L
27-Mar-2017The effectiveness of health care provider physical activity recommendations in cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolBrunet, Jennifer; Wurz, Amanda; O’Rielly, Connor; Howell, Doris; Bélanger, Mathieu; Sussman, Jonathan
31-Mar-2017An examination of the causes, consequences, and policy responses to the migration of highly trained health personnel from the Philippines: the high cost of living/leaving—a mixed method studyCastro-Palaganas, Erlinda; Spitzer, Denise L; Kabamalan, Maria M M; Sanchez, Marian C; Caricativo, Ruel; Runnels, Vivien; Labonté, Ronald; Murphy, Gail T; Bourgeault, Ivy L
21-Mar-2017Research impact of systems-level long-term care research: a multiple case studyKothari, Anita; Peter, Nedra; Donskov, Melissa; Luciani, Tracy
23-Mar-2017Higher atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (a-EPEC) bacterial loads in children with diarrhea are associated with PCR detection of the EHEC factor for adherence 1/lymphocyte inhibitory factor A (efa1/lifa) geneSlinger, Robert; Lau, Kimberley; Slinger, Michael; Moldovan, Ioana; Chan, Francis
20-Mar-2017Use of a patient decision aid for prenatal screening for Down syndrome: what do pregnant women say?Portocarrero, Maria E L; Giguère, Anik M C; Lépine, Johanie; Garvelink, Mirjam M; Robitaille, Hubert; Delanoë, Agathe; Lévesque, Isabelle; Wilson, Brenda J; Rousseau, François; Légaré, France
16-Mar-2017Erratum to: Treating the invisible: Gaps and opportunities for enhanced TB control along the Thailand-Myanmar borderTschirhart, Naomi; Thi, Sein S; Swe, Lei L; Nosten, Francois; Foster, Angel M
15-Mar-2017Developing consensus measures for global programs: lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension research programRiddell, Michaela A; Edwards, Nancy; Thompson, Simon R; Bernabe-Ortiz, Antonio; Praveen, Devarsetty; Johnson, Claire; Kengne, Andre P; Liu, Peter; McCready, Tara; Ng, Eleanor; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ovbiagele, Bruce; Owolabi, Mayowa; Peiris, David; Thrift, Amanda G; Tobe, Sheldon; Yusoff, Khalid
16-Mar-2017Potential predatory and legitimate biomedical journals: can you tell the difference? A cross-sectional comparisonShamseer, Larissa; Moher, David; Maduekwe, Onyi; Turner, Lucy; Barbour, Virginia; Burch, Rebecca; Clark, Jocalyn; Galipeau, James; Roberts, Jason; Shea, Beverley J
7-Mar-2017Mobile tablet audiometry in fluctuating autoimmune ear diseaseKohlert, Scott; Bromwich, Matthew
9-Mar-2017Post-operative outcomes after cleft palate repair in syndromic and non-syndromic children: a systematic review protocolZhang, Zach; Stein, Michael; Mercer, Nigel; Malic, Claudia