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2020-07-03Comparison of two methods to clear the airways of critically ill children and adults with COVID-19 infection: a structured summary of a study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trialKawaguchi, Atsushi; Bernier, Gabrielle; Lacroix, Jacques; El Salti, Saly; Cheng, Matthew P; Lee, Todd C; Khwaja, Kosar; Jouvet, Philippe
2020-07-01A comparison of residual diagnosis tools for diagnosing regression models for count dataFeng, Cindy; Li, Longhai; Sadeghpour, Alireza
2020-06-27Virtual follow-up and care for patients with cardiac electronic implantable devices: protocol for a systematic reviewKelly, Shannon E; Clifford, Tammy J; Coyle, Doug; Martin, Janet; Welch, Vivian; Skidmore, Becky; Birnie, David; Parkash, Ratika; Tang, Anthony S L; Wells, George A
2020-06-24Patient and healthcare provider reported barriers and enablers to virtual or remote-only follow-up models for cardiovascular implantable electronic devices: protocol for a qualitative framework synthesisKelly, Shannon E; Clifford, Tammy J; Skidmore, Becky; Birnie, David; Parkash, Ratika; Wells, George A
2020-06-29Personalized dosing of nicotine replacement therapy versus standard dosing for the treatment of individuals with tobacco dependence: study protocol for a randomized placebo-controlled trialZawertailo, Laurie; Hendershot, Christian S; Tyndale, Rachel F; Le Foll, Bernard; Samokhvalov, Andriy V; Thorpe, Kevin E; Pipe, Andrew; Reid, Robert D; Selby, Peter
2020-06-24Use of the theoretical domains framework and behaviour change wheel to develop a novel intervention to improve the quality of multidisciplinary cancer conference decision-makingFahim, Christine; Acai, Anita; McConnell, Meghan M; Wright, Frances C; Sonnadara, Ranil R; Simunovic, Marko
2020-06-24Use of the KT-MCC strategy to improve the quality of decision making for multidisciplinary cancer conferences: a pilot studyFahim, Christine; McConnell, Meghan M; Wright, Frances C; Sonnadara, Ranil R; Simunovic, Marko
2020-06-29“Leaving no one behind” also includes taking the elderly along concerning their sexual and reproductive health and rights: a new focus for Reproductive HealthBanke-Thomas, Aduragbemi; Olorunsaiye, Comfort Z; Yaya, Sanni
2020-06-24Globalisation in the time of COVID-19: repositioning Africa to meet the immediate and remote challengesYaya, Sanni; Otu, Akaninyene; Labonté, Ronald
2020-06-26Applying an intersectionality lens to the theoretical domains framework: a tool for thinking about how intersecting social identities and structures of power influence behaviourEtherington, Nicole; Rodrigues, Isabel B; Giangregorio, Lora; Graham, Ian D; Hoens, Alison M; Kasperavicius, Danielle; Kelly, Christine; Moore, Julia E; Ponzano, Matteo; Presseau, Justin; Sibley, Kathryn M; Straus, Sharon
2020-06-29Genome-wide identification of the class III POD gene family and their expression profiling in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L)Xiao, Huilin; Wang, Chaoping; Khan, Nadeem; Chen, Mengxia; Fu, Weihong; Guan, Le; Leng, Xiangpeng
2020-06-24‘Very brief advice’ (VBA) on smoking in family practice: a qualitative evaluation of the tobacco user’s perspectivePapadakis, Sophia; Anastasaki, Marilena; Papadakaki, Maria; Antonopoulou, Μaria; Chliveros, Constantine; Daskalaki, Chrissi; Varthalis, Dionisis; Triantafyllou, Sofia; Vasilaki, Irene; McEwen, Andy; Lionis, Christos
2020-06-24Understanding determinants of patients’ decisions to attend their family physician and to take antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections: a qualitative descriptive studyMortazhejri, Sameh; Patey, Andrea M; Stacey, Dawn; Bhatia, R. S; Abdulla, Alykhan; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2020-06-05Measuring adult romantic attachment: psychometric properties of the brief Spanish version of the experiences in close relationshipsGuzmán-González, Mónica; Rivera-Ottenberger, Diana; Brassard, Audrey; Spencer, Rosario; Lafontaine, Marie-France
2020-06-16First evidence of the mutations associated with pyrethroid resistance in head lice (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) from HondurasLarkin, Kelsey; Rodriguez, Carol A; Jamani, Shabana; Fronza, Georgina; Roca-Acevedo, Gonzalo; Sanchez, Ana; Toloza, Ariel C
2020-06-19Audit and feedback to improve laboratory test and transfusion ordering in critical care: a systematic reviewFoster, Madison; Presseau, Justin; McCleary, Nicola; Carroll, Kelly; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Hutton, Brian; Brehaut, Jamie
2020-06-18Do acute changes in ambient air pollution increase the risk of potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmias in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators?Dales, Robert; Lee, Douglas S; Wang, Xuesong; Cakmak, Sabit; Szyszkowicz, Mieczyslaw; Shutt, Robin; Birnie, David
2020-06-16Development of a consensus statement on the role of the family in the physical activity, sedentary, and sleep behaviours of children and youthRhodes, Ryan E; Guerrero, Michelle D; Vanderloo, Leigh M; Barbeau, Kheana; Birken, Catherine S; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Faulkner, Guy; Janssen, Ian; Madigan, Sheri; Mâsse, Louise C; McHugh, Tara-Leigh; Perdew, Megan; Stone, Kelly; Shelley, Jacob; Spinks, Nora; Tamminen, Katherine A; Tomasone, Jennifer R; Ward, Helen; Welsh, Frank; Tremblay, Mark S
2020-06-11Fertility preferences among couples in Nigeria: a cross sectional studyOdusina, Emmanuel K; Ayotunde, Titilayo; Kunnuji, Michael; Ononokpono, Dorothy N; Bishwajit, Ghose; Yaya, Sanni
2020-06-08Strengthening the science of addressing antimicrobial resistance: a framework for planning, conducting and disseminating antimicrobial resistance intervention researchRogers Van Katwyk, S.; Hoffman, S. J; Mendelson, M.; Taljaard, M.; Grimshaw, J. M