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2019-10-10The therapeutic effects of microRNAs in preclinical studies of acute kidney injury: a systematic review protocolZankar, Sarah; Rodriguez, Rosendo A; Vinas, Jose L; Burns, Kevin D
2019-10-11Frequency of Screening and SBT Technique Trial - North American Weaning Collaboration (FAST-NAWC): a protocol for a multicenter, factorial randomized trialBurns, K. E A; Rizvi, Leena; Cook, Deborah J; Seely, Andrew J E; Rochwerg, Bram; Lamontagne, Francois; Devlin, John W; Dodek, Peter; Mayette, Michael; Tanios, Maged; Gouskos, Audrey; Kay, Phyllis; Mitchell, Susan; Kiedrowski, Kenneth C; Hill, Nicholas S
2019-09-18A randomized controlled trial to examine the impacts of disclosing personalized depression risk information on the outcomes of individuals who are at high risk of developing major depression: a research protocolWang, JianLi; MacQueen, Glenda; Patten, Scott; Manuel, Douglas; Lashewicz, Bonnie; Schmitz, Norbert
2019-09-12Scaling up eConsult for access to specialists in primary healthcare across four Canadian provinces: study protocol of a multiple case studyBreton, Mylaine; Smithman, Mélanie A; Liddy, Clare; Keely, Erin; Farrell, Gerard; Singer, Alexander; Lamoureux-Lamarche, Catherine; Dumas Pilon, Maxine; Nabelsi, Véronique; Gaboury, Isabelle; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Steele Gray, Carolyn; Shaw, Jay; Hudon, Catherine; Aubrey-Bassler, Kris; Gagnon, Justin; Côté-Boileau, Élizabeth; Bush, Paula L
2019-09-09Time to move? Factors associated with burden of care among informal caregivers of cognitively impaired older people facing housing decisions: secondary analysis of a cluster randomized trialBoucher, Alexandrine; Haesebaert, Julie; Freitas, Adriana; Adekpedjou, Rhéda; Landry, Marjolaine; Bourassa, Henriette; Stacey, Dawn; Croteau, Jordie; Geneviève, Painchaud-Guérard; Légaré, France
2019-09-05The use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of nail disease among patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: a systematic reviewMendonça, José A; Aydin, Sibel Z; D’Agostino, Maria-Antonietta
2019-09-02An international survey of healthcare providers’ knowledge of cardiac complications of cancer treatmentsPeng, J.; Rushton, M.; Johnson, C.; Brezden-Masley, C.; Sulpher, J.; Chiu, Miliyun G; Graham, I. D; Dent, S.
2019-09-03Choice of crystalloid fluid in the treatment of hyperglycemic emergencies: a systematic review protocolGershkovich, Benjamin; English, Shane W; Doyle, Mary-Anne; Menon, Kusum; McIntyre, Lauralyn
2019-09-06Specialization in plant–pollinator networks: insights from local-scale interactions in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park in Alberta, CanadaVillalobos, Soraya; Sevenello-Montagner, José M; Vamosi, Jana C
2019-09-06Clustering and reliability-driven mitigation of routing attacks in massive IoT systemsSantos, Aldri L; Cervantes, Christian A V; Nogueira, Michele; Kantarci, Burak
2019-08-28Exploring the effects of operational mode and microbial interactions on bacterial community assembly in a one-stage partial-nitritation anammox reactor using integrated multi-omicsWang, Yulin; Niu, Qigui; Zhang, Xu; Liu, Lei; Wang, Yubo; Chen, Yiqiang; Negi, Mishty; Figeys, Daniel; Li, Yu-You; Zhang, Tong
2019-08-27Outcomes of hospitalized hematologic oncology patients receiving rapid response system activation for acute deteriorationGershkovich, Benjamin; Fernando, Shannon M; Herritt, Brent; Castellucci, Lana A; Rochwerg, Bram; Munshi, Laveena; Mehta, Sangeeta; Seely, Andrew J E; McIsaac, Daniel I; Tran, Alexandre; Reardon, Peter M; Tanuseputro, Peter; Kyeremanteng, Kwadwo
2019-08-28Project management lessons learned from the multicentre CYCLE pilot randomized controlled trialMcCaskell, Devin S; Molloy, Alexander J; Childerhose, Laura; Costigan, F. A; Reid, Julie C; McCaughan, Magda; Clarke, France; Cook, Deborah J; Rudkowski, Jill C; Farley, Christopher; Karachi, Tim; Rochwerg, Bram; Newman, Anastasia; Fox-Robichaud, Alison; Herridge, Margaret S; Lo, Vincent; Feltracco, Deanna; Burns, Karen; Porteous, Rebecca; Seely, Andrew J E; Ball, Ian M; Seczek, Amy; Kho, Michelle E
2019-08-22Correction to: Linking demyelination to compound action potential dispersion with a spike-diffuse-spike approachNaud, Richard; Longtin, André
2019-08-19Feasibility and usefulness of a leadership intervention to implement evidence-based falls prevention practices in residential care in CanadaGifford, Wendy; Lewis, Krystina B; Eldh, Ann C; Fiset, Val; Abdul-Fatah, Tara; Aberg, Anna C; Thavorn, Kednapa; Graham, Ian D; Wallin, Lars
2019-08-22Outpatient kidney recovery after acute kidney injury requiring dialysis: a systematic review protocolWang, Carol; Hiremath, Swapnil; Sikora, Lindsey; Sood, Manish M; Kong, Jennifer; Clark, Edward
2019-08-22Study protocol: Worldwide comparison of vitamin D status of immigrants from different ethnic origins and native-born populations—a systematic review and meta-analysisYousef, Said; Elliott, Jesse; Manuel, Douglas; Colman, Ian; Papadimitropoulos, Manny; Hossain, Alomgir; Leclair, Nathalie; Wells, George A
2019-08-20Lipid accumulation impairs natural killer cell cytotoxicity and tumor control in the postoperative periodNiavarani, Seyedeh R; Lawson, Christine; Bakos, Orneala; Boudaud, Marie; Batenchuk, Cory; Rouleau, Samuel; Tai, Lee-Hwa
2019-08-22A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of Housing First in a small Canadian CityAubry, Tim; Bourque, Jimmy; Goering, Paula; Crouse, Susan; Veldhuizen, Scott; LeBlanc, Stefanie; Cherner, Rebecca; Bourque, Paul-Émile; Pakzad, Sarah; Bradshaw, Claudette
2019-08-23HCV-infected individuals have higher prevalence of comorbidity and multimorbidity: a retrospective cohort studyCooper, Curtis L; Galanakis, Chrissi; Donelle, Jessy; Kwong, Jeff; Boyd, Rob; Boucher, Lisa; Kendall, Claire E