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2021-06-17Development of a digital learning program for physiotherapists to enhance clinical implementation of aerobic exercise in stroke rehabilitationThornton, Marianne; Harris, Jennifer; Breithaupt, Krista; Dyks, Tracey; Finestone, Hillel; MacKay-Lyons, Marilyn
2021-06-16What is the optimal outcome after endoscopic sinus surgery in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis? A consultation of Canadian expertsSaydy, Nadim; Moubayed, Sami P.; Bussières, Marie; Janjua, Arif; Kilty, Shaun; Lavigne, François; Monteiro, Eric; Nayan, Smriti; Piché, Marilou; Smith, Kristine; Sommer, Doron; Sowerby, Leigh; Tewfik, Marc A.; Witterick, Ian J.; Wright, Erin; Desrosiers, Martin
2021-06-18Correction to: Women empowerment and uptake of antenatal care services: A meta-analysis of Demographic and Health Surveys from 33 Sub-Saharan African countriesShibre, Gebretsadik; Zegeye, Betregiorgis; Yeboah, Helena; Bisjawit, Ghose; Ameyaw, Edward K.; Yaya, Sanni
2021-06-15Urban-rural disparities in wife-beating attitude among married women: a decomposition analysis from the 2017 Senegal Continuous Demographic and Health SurveyZegeye, Betregiorgis; Shibre, Gebretsadik; Ahinkorah, Bright O.; Keetile, Mpho; Yaya, Sanni
2021-06-19Intra-dialytic hypotension following the transition from continuous to intermittent renal replacement therapyBeaubien-Souligny, William; Yang, Yifan; Burns, Karen E. A.; Friedrich, Jan O.; Meraz-Muñoz, Alejandro; Clark, Edward G.; Adhikari, Neill K.; Bagshaw, Sean M.; Wald, Ron
2021-06-21The missing link between legal age of sexual consent and age of marriage in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for sexual and reproductive health and rightsAhinkorah, Bright O.; Okyere, Joshua; Hagan, John E.; Seidu, Abdul-Aziz; Aboagye, Richard G.; Yaya, Sanni
2021-06-19Clinicians’ perspectives on quality: do they match accreditation standards?Akdemir, Nesibe; Malik, Romana; Walters, Theanne; Hamstra, Stanley; Scheele, Fedde
2021-06-19Inequities in the delivery of mental health care: a grounded theory study of the policy context of primary careAshcroft, Rachelle; Menear, Matthew; Silveira, Jose; Dahrouge, Simone; Emode, Monica; Booton, Jocelyn; McKenzie, Kwame
2021-06-14Editors-in-chief perceptions of patients as (co) authors on publications and the acceptability of ICMJE authorship criteria: a cross-sectional surveyCobey, Kelly D.; Monfaredi, Zarah; Poole, Evelyn; Proulx, Laurie; Fergusson, Dean; Moher, David
2021-06-14Red blood cell transfusion in animal models of acute brain injuries: a systematic review protocolLaflamme, Mathieu; Haghbayan, Hourmazd; Lalu, Manoj M.; Zarychanski, Ryan; Lauzier, François; Boutin, Amélie; Macleod, Malcolm R.; Fergusson, Dean A.; Moore, Lynne; Costerousse, Olivier; Lacroix, Jacques; Wellington, Cheryl; Hutchison, Jamie; Turgeon, Alexis F.
2021-06-11Dealing with predatory journal articles captured in systematic reviewsRice, Danielle B.; Skidmore, Becky; Cobey, Kelly D.
2021-06-14Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysisRamanathan, Kollengode; Shekar, Kiran; Ling, Ryan R.; Barbaro, Ryan P.; Wong, Suei N.; Tan, Chuen S.; Rochwerg, Bram; Fernando, Shannon M.; Takeda, Shinhiro; MacLaren, Graeme; Fan, Eddy; Brodie, Daniel
2021-06-13Effects of hospital funding reform on wait times for hip fracture surgery: a population-based interrupted time-series analysisPincus, Daniel; Widdifield, Jessica; Palmer, Karen S.; Paterson, J. M.; Li, Alvin; Huang, Anjie; Wasserstein, David; Lapointe-Shaw, Lauren; Brown, Adalsteinn; Taljaard, Monica; Ivers, Noah M.
2021-06-10Experts prioritize osteoarthritis non-surgical interventions from Cochrane systematic reviews for translation into “Evidence4Equity” summariesHoulding-Braunberger, Elizabeth; Petkovic, Jennifer; Lebel, Nicholas; Tugwell, Peter
2021-06-04The impact of COVID-19 on adolescents with eating disorders: a cohort studySpettigue, Wendy; Obeid, Nicole; Erbach, Madison; Feder, Stephen; Finner, Natalie; Harrison, Megan E.; Isserlin, Leanna; Robinson, Amy; Norris, Mark L.
2021-06-02Correction to: Effectiveness of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies on health care professionals’ behaviour and patient outcomes in the cancer care context: a systematic reviewTomasone, Jennifer R.; Kauffeldt, Kaitlyn D.; Chaudhary, Rushil; Brouwers, Melissa C.
2021-06-07Prophylaxis for patients at Risk to Eliminate Post-operative Atrial Fibrillation (PREP-AF trial): a protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled studySmith, Heather A.; Kanji, Salmaan; Tran, Diem T. T.; Redpath, Calum; Ferguson, Dean; Lenet, Tori; Sigler, Greg; Gilbert, Sebastien; Maziak, Donna; Villeneuve, Patrick; Sundaresan, Sudhir; Seely, Andrew J. E.
2021-06-06Factors associated with higher healthcare costs in a cohort of homeless adults with a mental illness and a general cohort of adults with a history of homelessnessWiens, Kathryn; Rosella, Laura C.; Kurdyak, Paul; Chen, Simon; Aubry, Tim; Stergiopoulos, Vicky; Hwang, Stephen W.
2021-06-05Development and validation of the RACER (Readiness for Adult Care in Rheumatology) transition instrument in youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritisSpiegel, Lynn; Tucker, Lori; Duffy, Karen W.; Lalloo, Chitra; Hundert, Amos; Bourre-Tessier, Josiane; Hazel, Elizabeth; Luca, Nadia; Mosher, Dianne; Nguyen, Cynthia; Stringer, Elizabeth; Victor, Charles; Stinson, Jennifer
2021-06-04Fulfilling the promise of digital health interventions (DHI) to promote women’s sexual, reproductive and mental health in the aftermath of COVID-19Chattu, Vijay K.; Lopes, Claudia A.; Javed, Sumbal; Yaya, Sanni