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2020-07-31Uncovering spatial variation in maternal healthcare service use at subnational level in Jimma Zone, EthiopiaKurji, Jaameeta; Talbot, Benoit; Bulcha, Gebeyehu; Bedru, Kunuz H; Morankar, Sudhakar; Gebretsadik, Lakew A; Wordofa, Muluemebet A; Welch, Vivian; Labonte, Ronald; Kulkarni, Manisha A
2020-07-31Alleviating toxic α-Synuclein accumulation by membrane depolarization: evidence from an in vitro model of Parkinson’s diseaseRoss, Alysia; Xing, Viktoria; Wang, Ting T; Bureau, Samantha C; Link, Giovana A; Fortin, Teresa; Zhang, Hui; Hayley, Shawn; Sun, Hongyu
2020-07-28The International Health Regulations (2005), the threat of populism and the COVID-19 pandemicWilson, Kumanan; Halabi, Sam; Gostin, Lawrence O
2020-07-31Study protocol of the Aerobic exercise and CogniTIVe functioning in women with breAsT cancEr (ACTIVATE) trial: a two-arm, two-centre randomized controlled trialBrunet, Jennifer; Barrett-Bernstein, Meagan; Zadravec, Kendra; Taljaard, Monica; LeVasseur, Nathalie; Srikanthan, Amirrtha; Bland, Kelcey A; Collins, Barbara; Kam, Julia W Y; Handy, Todd C; Hayden, Sherri; Simmons, Christine; Smith, Andra M; Virji-Babul, Naznin; Campbell, Kristin L
2020-07-25Assessing the effect of interventions for axial spondyloarthritis according to the endorsed ASAS/OMERACT core outcome set: a meta-research study of trials included in Cochrane reviewsAndreasen, Rikke A; Kristensen, Lars E; Baraliakos, Xenofon; Strand, Vibeke; Mease, Philip J; de Wit, Maarten; Ellingsen, Torkell; Hansen, Inger M J; Kirkham, Jamie; Wells, George A; Tugwell, Peter; Maxwell, Lara; Boers, Maarten; Egstrup, Kenneth; Christensen, Robin
2020-07-23Efficacy of brief dynamic interpersonal therapy in patients with major depressive disorder: a prospective, multicenter randomized controlled trial protocolWang, Lanlan; Wang, Qian; Jiang, Wenhui; Luo, Jianfeng; Tong, Jun; Li, Xiaosi; Fang, Fang; Wang, Hongyan; Zhao, Wenqing; Koszycki, Diana; Qiu, Jianyin
2020-07-24Correction to: Systematic review and meta-analysis of case-crossover and time-series studies of short term outdoor nitrogen dioxide exposure and ischemic heart disease morbidityStieb, David M; Zheng, Carine; Salama, Dina; Berjawi, Rania; Emode, Monica; Hocking, Robyn; Lyrette, Ninon; Matz, Carlyn; Lavigne, Eric; Shin, Hwashin H
2020-07-21A student-led curriculum framework for homeless and vulnerably housed populationsHashmi, Syeda S; Saad, Ammar; Leps, Caroline; Gillies-Podgorecki, Jamie; Feeney, Brandon; Hardy, Courtney; Falzone, Nicole; Archibald, Doug; Hoang, Tuan; Bond, Andrew; Wang, Jean; Alkhateeb, Qasem; Penney, Danielle; DiFalco, Amanda; Pottie, Kevin
2020-07-27Gender and education differences in sedentary behaviour in Canada: an analysis of national cross-sectional surveysPrince, Stephanie A; Roberts, Karen C; Melvin, Alexandria; Butler, Gregory P; Thompson, Wendy
2020-07-17AllergoOncology: ultra-low IgE, a potential novel biomarker in cancer—a Position Paper of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)Ferastraoaru, D.; Bax, H. J; Bergmann, C.; Capron, M.; Castells, M.; Dombrowicz, D.; Fiebiger, E.; Gould, H. J; Hartmann, K.; Jappe, U.; Jordakieva, G.; Josephs, D. H; Levi-Schaffer, F.; Mahler, V.; Poli, A.; Rosenstreich, D.; Roth-Walter, F.; Shamji, M.; Steveling-Klein, E. H; Turner, M. C; Untersmayr, E.; Karagiannis, S. N; Jensen-Jarolim, E.
2020-07-14Inequalities in caesarean section in Burundi: evidence from the Burundi Demographic and Health Surveys (2010–2016)Yaya, Sanni; Zegeye, Betregiorgis; Idriss-Wheeler, Dina; Shibre, Gebretsadik
2020-07-20Examining the relationship between maternal body size, gestational glucose tolerance status, mode of delivery and ethnicity on human milk microbiota at three months post-partumLeMay-Nedjelski, Lauren; Butcher, James; Ley, Sylvia H; Asbury, Michelle R; Hanley, Anthony J; Kiss, Alex; Unger, Sharon; Copeland, Julia K; Wang, Pauline W; Zinman, Bernard; Stintzi, Alain; O’Connor, Deborah L
2020-07-10Evidence Synthesis International (ESI): Position StatementGough, David; Davies, Phil; Jamtvedt, Gro; Langlois, Etienne; Littell, Julia; Lotfi, Tamara; Masset, Edoardo; Merlin, Tracy; Pullin, Andrew S; Ritskes-Hoitinga, Merel; Røttingen, John-Arne; Sena, Emily; Stewart, Ruth; Tovey, David; White, Howard; Yost, Jennifer; Lund, Hans; Grimshaw, Jeremy
2020-07-08Outcome reporting recommendations for clinical trial protocols and reports: a scoping reviewButcher, Nancy J; Mew, Emma J; Monsour, Andrea; Chan, An-Wen; Moher, David; Offringa, Martin
2020-07-08Using RIGHT (Reporting Items for Practice Guidelines in Healthcare) to evaluate the reporting quality of WHO guidelinesWang, Xiaoqin; Zhou, Qi; Chen, Yaolong; Yang, Nan; Pottie, Kevin; Xiao, Yujie; Tong, Yajing; Yao, Liang; Wang, Qi; Yang, Kehu; Norris, Susan L
2020-07-07Inequalities in measles immunization coverage in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional analysis of demographic and health surveys 2000–2016Shibre, Gebretsadik; Zegeye, Betregiorgis; Idriss-Wheeler, Dina; Yaya, Sanni
2020-07-06Impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on movement and play behaviours of Canadian children and youth: a national surveyMoore, Sarah A; Faulkner, Guy; Rhodes, Ryan E; Brussoni, Mariana; Chulak-Bozzer, Tala; Ferguson, Leah J; Mitra, Raktim; O’Reilly, Norm; Spence, John C; Vanderloo, Leigh M; Tremblay, Mark S
2020-07-06Global health activists’ lessons on building social movements for Health for AllMusolino, Connie; Baum, Fran; Freeman, Toby; Labonté, Ronald; Bodini, Chiara; Sanders, David
2020-07-03Outcomes of inpatient psychological treatments for children and adolescents with eating disorders at time of discharge: a systematic reviewIsserlin, Leanna; Spettigue, Wendy; Norris, Mark; Couturier, Jennifer
2020-06-29The feasibility of implementing high-intensity interval training in cardiac rehabilitation settings: a retrospective analysisWay, Kimberley L; Vidal-Almela, Sol; Keast, Marja-Leena; Hans, Harleen; Pipe, Andrew L; Reed, Jennifer L