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2022-11-30Indirect Comparison of Lenadogene Nolparvovec Gene Therapy Versus Natural History in Patients with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Carrying the m.11778G>A MT-ND4 MutationCarelli, Valerio; Newman, Nancy J.; Yu-Wai-Man, Patrick; Biousse, Valerie; Moster, Mark L.; Subramanian, Prem S.; Vignal-Clermont, Catherine; Wang, An-Guor; Donahue, Sean P.; Leroy, Bart P.; Sergott, Robert C.; Klopstock, Thomas; Sadun, Alfredo A.; Rebolleda Fernández, Gema; Chwalisz, Bart K.; Banik, Rudrani; Girmens, Jean F.; La Morgia, Chiara; DeBusk, Adam A.; Jurkute, Neringa; Priglinger, Claudia; Karanjia, Rustum; Josse, Constant; Salzmann, Julie; Montestruc, François; Roux, Michel; Taiel, Magali; Sahel, José-Alain
2022-12-05A critical appraisal of delirium clinical practice guidelines relevant to the care of older adults in the emergency department with a synthesis of recommendations: an umbrella review protocolFiliatreault, Sarah; Grimshaw, Jeremy M.; Kreindler, Sara A.; Chochinov, Alecs; Linton, Janice; Doupe, Malcolm B.
2022-12-03Economic evaluation of healthcare-associated infection prevention and control in long-term care: a systematic review protocolTchouaket, Eric N.; Kruglova, Katya; Beogo, Idrissa; Sia, Drissa; Robins, Stephanie; Bélanger, Emilie; Jubinville, Maripier; Séguin, Catherine; Kilpatrick, Kelley; Boivin, Sandra; Létourneau, Josiane
2022-11-29Effect of inpatient antibiotic treatment among older adults with delirium found with a positive urinalysis: a health record reviewJoo, Pil; Grant, Lars; Ramsay, Tim; Nott, Caroline; Zvonar, Rosemary; Jia, Jason; Yadav, Krishan; Mollanji, Eisi; He, William; Eagles, Debra
2022-12-01Is equity considered in systematic reviews of interventions for mitigating social isolation and loneliness in older adults?Madani, Mohamad T.; Madani, Leen; Ghogomu, Elizabeth T.; Dahrouge, Simone; Hébert, Paul C.; Juando-Prats, Clara; Mulligan, Kate; Welch, Vivian
2022-11-29Building engagement to support adoption of community-based substance use prevention initiativesHalsall, Tanya; Mahmoud, Kianna; Pouliot, Annie; Iyer, Srividya N.
2022-11-22“Walking on eggshells”: experiences of underrepresented women in medical trainingRezaiefar, Parisa; Abou-Hamde, Yara; Naz, Farah; Alborhamy, Yasmine S.; LaDonna, Kori A.
2022-11-23Continuum of care for maternal, newborn, and child health in 17 sub-Saharan African countriesSeidu, Abdul-Aziz; Ahinkorah, Bright O.; Aboagye, Richard G.; Okyere, Joshua; Budu, Eugene; Yaya, Sanni
2022-11-23Association between exclusive breastfeeding and postpartum post-traumatic stress disorderChen, Jingfen; Lai, Xiaolu; Zhou, Lepeng; Retnakaran, Ravi; Wen, Shi W.; Krewski, Daniel; Huang, Liping; Li, Meng; Xie, Ri-hua
2022-11-24Acute annular outer retinopathy preceded by invasive ductal breast carcinoma: a case reportGupta, Rishi B.; Dang, Harry; Albreiki, Danah; Dollin, Michael L.; Weston, Bonnie; Gottlieb, Chloe C.
2022-11-22Caring for older men and women: whose caregivers are more distressed? A population-based retrospective cohort studyLi, Wenshan; Manuel, Douglas G.; Isenberg, Sarina R.; Tanuseputro, Peter
2022-11-17Relationships between personality traits and disordered eating among Chinese female exercisers: the role of symptoms of exercise dependence and obsessive-compulsivenessYang, Peiying; Wang, Ting; Herold, Fabian; Müller, Notger G.; Taylor, Alyx; Szabo, Attila; Granziol, Umberto; Cook, Brian; Landolfi, Emilio; Solmi, Marco; Zou, Liye
2022-11-17Assessment of the quality and content of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for vitamin D and for immigrants using the AGREE-II instrument: a protocol for systematic reviewYousef, Said; Hayawi, Lamia; Manuel, Douglas; Colman, Ian; Papadimitropoulos, Manny; Hossain, Alomgir; Faris, Moez A.; Wells, George A.
2022-11-16“You can kind of just feel the power behind what someone's saying”: a participatory-realist evaluation of peer support for young people coping with complex mental health and substance use challengesHalsall, Tanya; Daley, Mardi; Hawke, Lisa; Henderson, Joanna; Matheson, Kimberly
2022-11-16Eating behaviors, dietary patterns and weight status in emerging adulthood and longitudinal associations with eating behaviors in early childhoodDubois, Lise; Bédard, Brigitte; Goulet, Danick; Prud’homme, Denis; Tremblay, Richard E.; Boivin, Michel
2022-11-19Influences on intentions for obstetric practice among family physicians and residents in Canada: an explorative qualitative inquiryMarshall, Emily G.; Horrey, Kathleen; Moritz, Lauren R.; Buote, Richard; Grudniewicz, Agnes; Goldsmith, Laurie J.; Randall, Ellen; Jones, Lori; Lavergne, M Ruth
2022-11-14Correction: Implementing a Canadian shared-care ADHD program in Beijing: Barriers and facilitators to consider prior to start-upBahraini, Sayna; Maisonneuve, Alexander R.; Liu, Yirong; Samson, André; Ying, Qian; Li, Fei; Yang, Li; Robaey, Philippe
2022-11-08Body mass index and incidence of lung cancer in the HUNT study: using observational and Mendelian randomization approachesJiang, Lin; Sun, Yi-Qian; Brumpton, Ben M.; Langhammer, Arnulf; Chen, Yue; Mai, Xiao-Mei
2022-11-12HCV infection characteristics, treatment uptake and outcomes in patient with diabetes mellitusAngel, Marina; Petrosyan, Yelena; Doyle, Mary-Anne; Cooper, Curtis
2022-11-01A Review of the Clinical Trial Landscape in Psoriasis: An Update for CliniciansDrakos, Anastasia; Vender, Ronald