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2017-07-17Development of a theory-informed implementation intervention to improve the triage, treatment and transfer of stroke patients in emergency departments using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF): the T3 TrialCraig, Louise E; Taylor, Natalie; Grimley, Rohan; Cadilhac, Dominique A; McInnes, Elizabeth; Phillips, Rosemary; Dale, Simeon; O’Connor, Denise; Levi, Chris; Fitzgerald, Mark; Considine, Julie; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Gerraty, Richard; Cheung, N. W; Ward, Jeanette; Middleton, Sandy
2017-07-03The evaluation of enhanced feedback interventions to reduce unnecessary blood transfusions (AFFINITIE): protocol for two linked cluster randomised factorial controlled trialsHartley, Suzanne; Foy, Robbie; Walwyn, Rebecca E A; Cicero, Robert; Farrin, Amanda J; Francis, Jill J; Lorencatto, Fabiana; Gould, Natalie J; Grant-Casey, John; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Glidewell, Liz; Michie, Susan; Morris, Stephen; Stanworth, Simon J
2016-12-16Review and publication of protocol submissions to Trials – what have we learned in 10 years?Li, Tianjing; Boutron, Isabelle; Salman, Rustam A; Cobo, Erik; Flemyng, Ella; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Altman, Douglas G
2019-01-17Evaluation of a targeted, theory-informed implementation intervention designed to increase uptake of emergency management recommendations regarding adult patients with mild traumatic brain injury: results of the NET cluster randomised trialBosch, Marije; McKenzie, Joanne E; Ponsford, Jennie L; Turner, Simon; Chau, Marisa; Tavender, Emma J; Knott, Jonathan C; Gruen, Russell L; Francis, Jill J; Brennan, Sue E; Pearce, Andrew; O’Connor, Denise A; Mortimer, Duncan; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V; Meares, Susanne; Smyth, Tracy; Michie, Susan; Green, Sally E
2020-02-25A multiple-behaviour investigation of goal prioritisation in physicians receiving audit and feedback to address high-risk prescribing in nursing homesMcCleary, Nicola; Desveaux, Laura; Reis, Catherine; Linklater, Stefanie; Witteman, Holly O; Taljaard, Monica; Thavorn, Kednapa; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Ivers, Noah M; Presseau, Justin
2019-12-23The ethical challenges raised in the design and conduct of pragmatic trials: an interview study with key stakeholdersNicholls, Stuart G; Carroll, Kelly; Zwarenstein, Merrick; Brehaut, Jamie C; Weijer, Charles; Hey, Spencer P; Goldstein, Cory E; Graham, Ian D; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; McKenzie, Joanne E; Fergusson, Dean A; Taljaard, Monica
2019-12-27Data accuracy in the Ontario birth Registry: a chart re-abstraction studyDunn, Sandra; Lanes, Andrea; Sprague, Ann E; Fell, Deshayne B; Weiss, Deborah; Reszel, Jessica; Taljaard, Monica; Darling, Elizabeth K; Graham, Ian D; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Harrold, JoAnn; Smith, Graeme N; Peterson, Wendy; Walker, Mark
2019-12-05Action, actor, context, target, time (AACTT): a framework for specifying behaviourPresseau, Justin; McCleary, Nicola; Lorencatto, Fabiana; Patey, Andrea M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Francis, Jill J
2020-04-15COVID-19 randomised trial protocols: rapid publication without barriersTreweek, Shaun; Jüni, Peter; Li, Tianjing; Collin, Jonathan; Briel, Matthias; Chan, An-Wen; Hemming, Karla; Meurer, William J; Sydes, Matthew R; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2020-04-03Reporting of health equity considerations in cluster and individually randomized trialsPetkovic, Jennifer; Jull, Janet; Yoganathan, Manosila; Dewidar, Omar; Baird, Sarah; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Johansson, Kjell A; Kristjansson, Elizabeth; McGowan, Jessie; Moher, David; Petticrew, Mark; Robberstad, Bjarne; Shea, Beverley; Tugwell, Peter; Volmink, Jimmy; Wells, George A; Whitehead, Margaret; Cuervo, Luis G; White, Howard; Taljaard, Monica; Welch, Vivian