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2017-05-16Socioeconomic status and dietary patterns in children from around the world: different associations by levels of country human development?Manyanga, Taru; Tremblay, Mark S; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Katzmarzyk, Peter T; Fogelholm, Mikael; Hu, Gang; Kuriyan, Rebecca; Kurpad, Anura; Lambert, Estelle V; Maher, Carol; Maia, Jose; Matsudo, Victor; Olds, Timothy; Onywera, Vincent; Sarmiento, Olga L; Standage, Martyn; Tudor-Locke, Catrine; Zhao, Pei; Mikkila, Vera; Broyles, Stephanie T
2015-04-20A model for presenting accelerometer paradata in large studies: ISCOLETudor-Locke, Catrine; Mire, Emily F; Dentro, Kara N; Barreira, Tiago V; Schuna, John M; Zhao, Pei; Tremblay, Mark S; Standage, Martyn; Sarmiento, Olga L; Onywera, Vincent; Olds, Tim; Matsudo, Victor; Maia, José; Maher, Carol; Lambert, Estelle V; Kurpad, Anura; Kuriyan, Rebecca; Hu, Gang; Fogelholm, Mikael; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Church, Timothy S; Katzmarzyk, Peter T
2015-08-13Canadian Pediatric Weight Management Registry (CANPWR): baseline descriptive statistics and comparison to Canadian normsTremblay, Mark S; Feng, Min; Garriguet, Didier; Ball, Geoff D C; Buchholz, Annick; Chanoine, Jean-Pierre; Lambert, Marie; Morrison, Katherine M
2015-08-11The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy: methods for children in grades 4 to 6 (8 to 12 years)Longmuir, Patricia E; Boyer, Charles; Lloyd, Meghann; Yang, Yan; Boiarskaia, Elena; Zhu, Weimo; Tremblay, Mark S
2015-05-13Mediating role of television time, diet patterns, physical activity and sleep duration in the association between television in the bedroom and adiposity in 10 year-old childrenBorghese, Michael M; Tremblay, Mark S; Katzmarzyk, Peter T; Tudor-Locke, Catrine; Schuna, John M; Leduc, Geneviève; Boyer, Charles; LeBlanc, Allana G; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2015-03-18Correlates of objectively measured sedentary time and self-reported screen time in Canadian childrenLeBlanc, Allana G; Broyles, Stephanie T; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Leduc, Geneviève; Boyer, Charles; Borghese, Michael M; Tremblay, Mark S
2019-02-21Association between breakfast frequency and physical activity and sedentary time: a cross-sectional study in children from 12 countriesZakrzewski-Fruer, Julia K; Gillison, Fiona B; Katzmarzyk, Peter T; Mire, Emily F; Broyles, Stephanie T; Champagne, Catherine M; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Denstel, Kara D; Fogelholm, Mikael; Hu, Gang; Lambert, Estelle V; Maher, Carol; Maia, José; Olds, Tim; Onywera, Vincent; Sarmiento, Olga L; Tremblay, Mark S; Tudor-Locke, Catrine; Standage, Martyn
2018-11-27Assessing the social climate of physical (in)activity in CanadaYun, Lira; Vanderloo, Leigh; Berry, Tanya R; Latimer-Cheung, Amy E; O’Reilly, Norman; Rhodes, Ryan E; Spence, John C; Tremblay, Mark S; Faulkner, Guy
2019-11-14Screen time and problem behaviors in children: exploring the mediating role of sleep durationGuerrero, Michelle D; Barnes, Joel D; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Tremblay, Mark S
2019-08-09Relationships between area-level socioeconomic status and urbanization with active transportation, independent mobility, outdoor time, and physical activity among Canadian childrenDelisle Nyström, Christine; Barnes, Joel D; Blanchette, Sébastien; Faulkner, Guy; Leduc, Geneviève; Riazi, Negin A; Tremblay, Mark S; Trudeau, François; Larouche, Richard