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2017-05-22Barriers and facilitators to healthcare professional behaviour change in clinical trials using the Theoretical Domains Framework: a case study of a trial of individualized temperature-reduced haemodialysisPresseau, Justin; Mutsaers, Brittany; Al-Jaishi, Ahmed A; Squires, Janet; McIntyre, Christopher W; Garg, Amit X; Sood, Manish M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2017-04-04Measuring implementation behaviour of menu guidelines in the childcare setting: confirmatory factor analysis of a theoretical domains framework questionnaire (TDFQ)Seward, Kirsty; Wolfenden, Luke; Wiggers, John; Finch, Meghan; Wyse, Rebecca; Oldmeadow, Christopher; Presseau, Justin; Clinton-McHarg, Tara; Yoong, Sze L
2017-01-17Risk assessment tools to predict location of discharge and need for supportive services for medical patients after discharge from hospital: a systematic review protocolKobewka, Daniel M; McIsaac, Daniel; Chassé, Michaël; Thavorn, Kednapa; Mulpuru, Sunita; Lavallée, Luke T; English, Shane; Presseau, Justin; Forster, Alan J
2015-04-23Using a behaviour change techniques taxonomy to identify active ingredients within trials of implementation interventions for diabetes carePresseau, Justin; Ivers, Noah M; Newham, James J; Knittle, Keegan; Danko, Kristin J; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2014-08-06Looking inside the black box: results of a theory-based process evaluation exploring the results of a randomized controlled trial of printed educational messages to increase primary care physicians’ diabetic retinopathy referrals [Trial registration number ISRCTN72772651]Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Presseau, Justin; Tetroe, Jacqueline; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Godin, Gaston; Graham, Ian D; Hux, Janet E; Johnston, Marie; Légaré, France; Lemyre, Louise; Robinson, Nicole; Zwarenstein, Merrick
2017-07-14Testing feedback message framing and comparators to address prescribing of high-risk medications in nursing homes: protocol for a pragmatic, factorial, cluster-randomized trialIvers, Noah M; Desveaux, Laura; Presseau, Justin; Reis, Catherine; Witteman, Holly O; Taljaard, Monica K; McCleary, Nicola; Thavorn, Kednapa; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2017-10-30Criteria for selecting implementation science theories and frameworks: results from an international surveyBirken, Sarah A; Powell, Byron J; Shea, Christopher M; Haines, Emily R; Alexis Kirk, M.; Leeman, Jennifer; Rohweder, Catherine; Damschroder, Laura; Presseau, Justin
2019-01-19Effectiveness of stop smoking interventions among adults: protocol for an overview of systematic reviews and an updated systematic reviewHersi, Mona; Traversy, Gregory; Thombs, Brett D; Beck, Andrew; Skidmore, Becky; Groulx, Stéphane; Lang, Eddy; Reynolds, Donna L; Wilson, Brenda; Bernstein, Steven L; Selby, Peter; Johnson-Obaseki, Stephanie; Manuel, Douglas; Pakhale, Smita; Presseau, Justin; Courage, Susan; Hutton, Brian; Shea, Beverley J; Welch, Vivian; Morrow, Matt; Little, Julian; Stevens, Adrienne
2020-02-25A multiple-behaviour investigation of goal prioritisation in physicians receiving audit and feedback to address high-risk prescribing in nursing homesMcCleary, Nicola; Desveaux, Laura; Reis, Catherine; Linklater, Stefanie; Witteman, Holly O; Taljaard, Monica; Thavorn, Kednapa; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Ivers, Noah M; Presseau, Justin
2019-08-06Implementation Science and Implementation Science Communications: our aims, scope, and reporting expectationsSales, Anne E; Wilson, Paul M; Wensing, Michel; Aarons, Gregory A; Armstrong, Rebecca; Flottorp, Signe; Hutchinson, Alison M; Presseau, Justin; Rogers, Anne; Sevdalis, Nick; Squires, Janet; Straus, Sharon; Weiner, Bryan J