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2015-02-15Role of SLMAP genetic variants in susceptibility of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in Qatari populationUpadhyay, Rohit; Robay, Amal; Fakhro, Khalid; Abi Khadil, Charbel; Zirie, Mahmoud; Jayyousi, Amin; El-Shafei, Maha; Kiss, Szilard; D′Amico, Donald J; Salit, Jacqueline; Staudt, Michelle R; O′Beirne, Sarah L; Chen, Xiaoliang; Tuana, Balwant; Crystal, Ronald G; Ding, Hong
2015-06-27Impact of an interprofessional shared decision-making and goal-setting decision aid for patients with diabetes on decisional conflict – study protocol for a randomized controlled trialYu, Catherine H; Ivers, Noah M; Stacey, Dawn; Rezmovitz, Jeremy; Telner, Deanna; Thorpe, Kevin; Hall, Susan; Settino, Marc; Kaplan, David M; Coons, Michael; Sodhi, Sumeet; Sale, Joanna; Straus, Sharon E
2015-06-05Clinical effectiveness of an ultra-brief intervention for common mental health syndromes in primary care: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialCollings, Sunny; Mathieson, Fiona; Dowell, Anthony; Stanley, James; Hatcher, Simon; Goodyear-Smith, Felicity; Lane, Brigitte; Munsterman, Amy
2017-03-31An examination of the causes, consequences, and policy responses to the migration of highly trained health personnel from the Philippines: the high cost of living/leaving—a mixed method studyCastro-Palaganas, Erlinda; Spitzer, Denise L; Kabamalan, Maria M M; Sanchez, Marian C; Caricativo, Ruel; Runnels, Vivien; Labonté, Ronald; Murphy, Gail T; Bourgeault, Ivy L
2017-03-27The effectiveness of health care provider physical activity recommendations in cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolBrunet, Jennifer; Wurz, Amanda; O’Rielly, Connor; Howell, Doris; Bélanger, Mathieu; Sussman, Jonathan
2017-04-20Optimising conservative management of chronic low back pain: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialSimson, Katherine J; Miller, Clint T; Ford, Jon; Hahne, Andrew; Main, Luana; Rantalainen, Timo; Teo, Wei-Peng; Teychenne, Megan; Connell, David; Trudel, Guy; Zheng, Guoyan; Thickbroom, Gary; Belavy, Daniel L
2017-05-05Comparative safety of anti-epileptic drugs during pregnancy: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of congenital malformations and prenatal outcomesVeroniki, Areti A; Cogo, Elise; Rios, Patricia; Straus, Sharon E; Finkelstein, Yaron; Kealey, Ryan; Reynen, Emily; Soobiah, Charlene; Thavorn, Kednapa; Hutton, Brian; Hemmelgarn, Brenda R; Yazdi, Fatemeh; D’Souza, Jennifer; MacDonald, Heather; Tricco, Andrea C
2017-05-02Gene expression profiling discerns molecular pathways elicited by ligand signaling to enhance the specification of embryonic stem cells into skeletal muscle lineageDixon, Katherine; Chen, Jihong; Li, Qiao
2017-05-16Harnessing interactive technologies to improve health outcomes in juvenile idiopathic arthritisCoda, Andrea; Sculley, Dean; Santos, Derek; Girones, Xavier; Brosseau, Lucie; Smith, Derek R; Burns, Joshua; Rome, Keith; Munro, Jane; Singh-Grewal, Davinder
2017-05-16Socioeconomic status and dietary patterns in children from around the world: different associations by levels of country human development?Manyanga, Taru; Tremblay, Mark S; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Katzmarzyk, Peter T; Fogelholm, Mikael; Hu, Gang; Kuriyan, Rebecca; Kurpad, Anura; Lambert, Estelle V; Maher, Carol; Maia, Jose; Matsudo, Victor; Olds, Timothy; Onywera, Vincent; Sarmiento, Olga L; Standage, Martyn; Tudor-Locke, Catrine; Zhao, Pei; Mikkila, Vera; Broyles, Stephanie T