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11-Oct-2017The perspective of gender on the Ebola virus using a risk management and population health framework: a scoping reviewNkangu, Miriam N; Olatunde, Oluwasayo A; Yaya, Sanni
10-Oct-2017Recommendations for reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of diagnostic test accuracy: a systematic reviewMcGrath, Trevor A; Alabousi, Mostafa; Skidmore, Becky; Korevaar, Daniël A; Bossuyt, Patrick M M; Moher, David; Thombs, Brett; McInnes, Matthew D F
29-Sep-2017Advancing the literature on designing audit and feedback interventions: identifying theory-informed hypothesesColquhoun, Heather L; Carroll, Kelly; Eva, Kevin W; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Ivers, Noah; Michie, Susan; Sales, Anne; Brehaut, Jamie C
25-Sep-2017Intermittent auscultation versus continuous fetal monitoring: exploring factors that influence birthing unit nurses’ fetal surveillance practice using theoretical domains frameworkPatey, Andrea M; Curran, Janet A; Sprague, Ann E; Francis, Jill J; Driedger, S. M; Légaré, France; Lemyre, Louise; Pomey, Marie-Pascale A; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
19-Sep-2017Systematic review of statistical approaches to quantify, or correct for, measurement error in a continuous exposure in nutritional epidemiologyBennett, Derrick A; Landry, Denise; Little, Julian; Minelli, Cosetta
19-Sep-2017Refugees, asylum-seekers and undocumented migrants and the experience of parenthood: a synthesis of the qualitative literatureMerry, Lisa; Pelaez, Sandra; Edwards, Nancy C
15-Sep-2017Risk of mortality among children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and their first-degree relatives: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesCatalá-López, Ferrán; Hutton, Brian; Page, Matthew J; Ridao, Manuel; Driver, Jane A; Alonso-Arroyo, Adolfo; Forés-Martos, Jaume; Macías Saint-Gerons, Diego; Vieta, Eduard; Valencia, Alfonso; Tabarés-Seisdedos, Rafael
11-Sep-2017Core competencies for scientific editors of biomedical journals: consensus statementMoher, David; Galipeau, James; Alam, Sabina; Barbour, Virginia; Bartolomeos, Kidist; Baskin, Patricia; Bell-Syer, Sally; Cobey, Kelly D; Chan, Leighton; Clark, Jocalyn; Deeks, Jonathan; Flanagin, Annette; Garner, Paul; Glenny, Anne-Marie; Groves, Trish; Gurusamy, Kurinchi; Habibzadeh, Farrokh; Jewell-Thomas, Stefanie; Kelsall, Diane; Lapeña, José F; MacLehose, Harriet; Marusic, Ana; McKenzie, Joanne E; Shah, Jay; Shamseer, Larissa; Straus, Sharon; Tugwell, Peter; Wager, Elizabeth; Winker, Margaret; Zhaori, Getu
11-Sep-2017Prevalence of low back pain in Iranian nurses: a systematic review and meta-analysisAzizpour, Yosra; Delpisheh, Ali; Montazeri, Zahra; Sayehmiri, Kourosh
6-Sep-2017Honoring the voices of bereaved caregivers: a Metasummary of qualitative researchHoltslander, Lorraine; Baxter, Sharon; Mills, Kelly; Bocking, Sarah; Dadgostari, Tina; Duggleby, Wendy; Duncan, Vicky; Hudson, Peter; Ogunkorode, Agatha; Peacock, Shelley