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2007-08-08The use of the transition cost accounting system in health services researchAzoulay, Arik; Doris, Nadine M; Filion, Kristian B; Caron, Joanna; Pilote, Louise; Eisenberg, Mark J
2003-10-07Animal models of ovarian cancerVanderhyden, Barbara C; Shaw, Tanya J; Ethier, Jean-François
2008-12-10A mixed methods pilot study with a cluster randomized control trial to evaluate the impact of a leadership intervention on guideline implementation in home care nursingGifford, Wendy A; Davies, Barbara; Graham, Ian D; Lefebre, Nancy; Tourangeau, Ann; Woodend, Kirsten
2009-02-09Cathepsin D expression level affects alpha-synuclein processing, aggregation, and toxicity in vivoCullen, Valerie; Lindfors, Maria; Ng, Juliana; Paetau, Anders; Swinton, Erika; Kolodziej, Piotr; Boston, Heather; Saftig, Paul; Woulfe, John; Feany, Mel B; Myllykangas, Liisa; Schlossmacher, Michael G; Tyynelä, Jaana
2008-05-20Is reporting on interventions a weak link in understanding how and why they work? A preliminary exploration using community heart health exemplarsRiley, Barbara L; MacDonald, JoAnne; Mansi, Omaima; Kothari, Anita; Kurtz, Donna; vonTettenborn, Linda I; Edwards, Nancy C
2008-02-19hMMS2 serves a redundant role in human PCNA polyubiquitinationBrun, Jan; Chiu, Roland; Lockhart, Katherine; Xiao, Wei; Wouters, Bradly G; Gray, Douglas A
2008-07-17Clinical evidence continuous medical education: a randomised educational trial of an open access e-learning program for transferring evidence-based information – ICEKUBE (Italian Clinical Evidence Knowledge Utilization Behaviour Evaluation) – study protocolMoja, Lorenzo; Moschetti, Ivan; Cinquini, Michela; Sala, Valeria; Compagnoni, Anna; Duca, Piergiorgio; Deligant, Christian; Manfrini, Roberto; Clivio, Luca; Satolli, Roberto; Addis, Antonio; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Dri, Pietro; Liberati, Alessandro
2008-05-13K2D2: Estimation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectraPerez-Iratxeta, Carolina; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A
2009-07-09Oocyte-granulosa-theca cell interactions during preantral follicular developmentOrisaka, Makoto; Tajima, Kimihisa; Tsang, Benjamin K; Kotsuji, Fumikazu
2003-10-07Chemoresistance in human ovarian cancer: the role of apoptotic regulatorsFraser, Michael; Leung, Brendan; Jahani-Asl, Arezu; Yan, Xiaojuan; Thompson, Winston E; Tsang, Benjamin K
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