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2023-09-19Sample size determination for external pilot cluster randomised trials with binary feasibility outcomes: a tutorialHemming, K.; Taljaard, M.; Gkini, E.; Bishop, J.
2023-09-19Cluster Sets to Prescribe Interval Resistance Training: A Potential Method to Optimise Resistance Training Safety, Feasibility and Efficacy in Cardiac PatientsWay, Kimberley L.; Thomas, Hannah J.; Parker, Lewan; Maiorana, Andrew; Keske, Michelle A.; Scott, David; Reed, Jennifer L.; Tieng, Jessica; Hackett, Daniel; Hawkins, Tess; Latella, Christopher; Cordina, Rachael; Tran, Derek L.
2023-09-19Comparison of Huntington’s disease phenotype progression in male and female heterozygous FDNQ175 miceLi, Si H.; Colson, Tash-Lynn L.; Chen, Jingwei; Abd-Elrahman, Khaled S.; Ferguson, Stephen S. G.
2023-09-19Relationship between systolic blood pressure and mortality in older vs younger trauma patients – a retrospective multicentre observational studyBenhamed, Axel; Batomen, Brice; Boucher, Valérie; Yadav, Krishan; Isaac, Chartelin J.; Mercier, Eric; Bernard, Francis; Blais-L’écuyer, Julien; Tazarourte, Karim; Emond, Marcel
2023-09-23Identifying the sociodemographic and work-related factors related to workers’ daily physical activity using a decision tree approachBiswas, Aviroop; Chen, Cynthia; Dobson, Kathleen G.; Prince, Stephanie A.; Shahidi, Faraz V.; Smith, Peter M.; Fuller, Daniel
2023-09-20Family physicians’ questions about the COVID-19 pandemic: a content analysis of 2,272 helpline callsMcDougall, Allan; Fortier, Jacqueline H.; Zhang, Cathy; Ehrat, Caroline; Best, Kerri; Blois, Heather; Garber, Gary
2023-09-19Correction to: Socioeconomic inequalities in modern contraceptive use among women in Benin: a decomposition analysisBudu, Eugene; Kobina Dadzie, Louis; Salihu, Tarif; Opoku Ahinkorah, Bright; Kwabena Ameyaw, Edward; Gyan Aboagye, Richard; Seidu, Abdul-Aziz; Yaya, Sanni
2023-09-14The Commercial Determinants of Health and Evidence Synthesis (CODES): methodological guidance for systematic reviews and other evidence synthesesPetticrew, Mark; Glover, Rebecca E.; Volmink, Jimmy; Blanchard, Laurence; Cott, Éadaoin; Knai, Cécile; Maani, Nason; Thomas, James; Tompson, Alice; van Schalkwyk, May C. I.; Welch, Vivian
2023-09-13Biodistribution of mesenchymal stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles administered during acute lung injuryTieu, Alvin; Stewart, Duncan J.; Chwastek, Damian; Lansdell, Casey; Burger, Dylan; Lalu, Manoj M.
2023-09-14Lifting of the 1,000 wheat exome project SNPs from Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring assembly RefSeq v1.0 to RefSeq v2.1Vasudevan, Akshaya; Cloutier, Sylvie
2023-09-14Study protocol for an individually randomized control trial for India's first roleplay-based mobile game for reproductive health for adolescent girlsSaha, Ananya; Dixit, Anvita; Shankar, Lalita; Battala, Madhusudana; Khan, Nizamuddin; Saggurti, Niranjan; Ayyagari, Kavita; Raj, Aparna; Howard, Susan
2023-09-14Electronic health records identify timely trends in childhood mental health conditionsElia, Josephine; Pajer, Kathleen; Prasad, Raghuram; Pumariega, Andres; Maltenfort, Mitchell; Utidjian, Levon; Shenkman, Elizabeth; Kelleher, Kelly; Rao, Suchitra; Margolis, Peter A.; Christakis, Dimitri A.; Hardan, Antonio Y.; Ballard, Rachel; Forrest, Christopher B.
2023-09-18Efficacy of intravitreal dexamethasone implant used as monotherapy for the treatment of macular edema in non-infectious uveitis: a retrospective analysisGupta, Rishi B.; Ilin, Julius; Gottlieb, Chloe C.
2023-09-09Recognizing patient partner contributions to health research: a systematic review of reported practicesFox, Grace; Lalu, Manoj M.; Sabloff, Tara; Nicholls, Stuart G.; Smith, Maureen; Stacey, Dawn; Almoli, Faris; Fergusson, Dean A.
2023-09-09Assessing the feasibility, acceptability, and fidelity of a tele-retinopathy-based intervention to encourage greater attendance to diabetic retinopathy screening in immigrants living with diabetes from China and African-Caribbean countries in Ottawa, Canada: a protocolUmaefulam, Valerie; Wilson, Mackenzie; Boucher, Marie C.; Brent, Michael H.; Dogba, Maman J.; Drescher, Olivia; Grimshaw, Jeremy M.; Ivers, Noah M.; Lawrenson, John G.; Lorencatto, Fabiana; Maberley, David; McCleary, Nicola; McHugh, Sheena; Sutakovic, Olivera; Thavorn, Kednapa; Witteman, Holly O.; Yu, Catherine; Cheng, Hao; Han, Wei; Hong, Yu; Idrissa, Balkissa; Leech, Tina; Malette, Joffré; Mongeon, Isabelle; Mugisho, Zawadi; Nguebou, Marlyse M.; Pabla, Sara; Rahman, Siffan; Samandoulougou, Azaratou; Visram, Hasina; You, Richard; Zhao, Junqiang; Presseau, Justin
2023-09-08Characterizing Canadian funded partnered health research projects between 2011 and 2019: a retrospective analysisSibley, Kathryn M.; Khan, Masood; Touchette, Alexie J.; Crockett, Leah K.; Driedger, S. M.; Gainforth, Heather L.; Prabhu, Devashree; Steliga, Dawn; Tefft, Olivia; Graham, Ian D.
2023-09-05Identifying predictors of cognitive decline in long-term care: a scoping reviewArora, Gaurav; Milani, Christina; Tanuseputro, Peter; Tang, Patrick; Jeong, Ahwon; Kobewka, Daniel; Webber, Colleen
2023-09-05Prevalence and correlates of meeting the Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines among a sample of Canadian parents during the COVID-19 pandemicRollo, Scott; Sckrapnick, Abigail; Campbell, Julie E.; Moore, Sarah A.; Faulkner, Guy; Tremblay, Mark S.
2023-09-04Engaging community members to ensure culturally specific language is used in research: should I use gay, queer, MSM, or this other new acronym?Rubini, Kyle; Al-Bakri, Taim; Bridel, William; Clapperton, Andrew; Greaves, Mark; Hill, Nolan E.; Labrecque, Max; MacDonagh, Richard; Miguel, Glenndl; Orvis, Shane; Osbourne-Sorrell, Will; Randall, Taylor; Reid, Marco; Rosser, Andrew; Presseau, Justin; Vesnaver, Elisabeth
2023-08-30Evaluating the impacts of patient engagement on a national health research network: results of a case study of the Chronic Pain NetworkTripp, Laura; Richards, Dawn P.; Daly-Cyr, Jennifer; Lane, Therese; Linkiewich, Delane; Begley, Kimberly N.; Buckley, Norman; Hudspith, Maria; Poulin, Patricia; Abelson, Julia