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2021-04-29Building impactful systems-focused simulations: integrating change and project management frameworks into the pre-work phaseDubé, Mirette; Posner, Glenn; Stone, Kimberly; White, Marjorie; Kaba, Alyshah; Bajaj, Komal; Cheng, Adam; Grant, Vincent; Huang, Simon; Reid, Jennifer
2021-04-30Ready for SDM: evaluating a train-the-trainer program to facilitate implementation of SDM training in NorwayKienlin, Simone; Poitras, Marie-Eve; Stacey, Dawn; Nytrøen, Kari; Kasper, Jürgen
2021-04-30Exploring antenatal care utilization and intimate partner violence in Benin - are lives at stake?Idriss-Wheeler, Dina; Yaya, Sanni
2021-04-21Using behavioral theory and shared decision-making to understand clinical trial recruitment: interviews with trial recruitersBrehaut, Jamie C; Lavin Venegas, Carolina; Hudek, Natasha; Presseau, Justin; Carroll, Kelly; Rodger, Marc
2021-04-23Detection of adverse drug events in e-prescribing and administrative health data: a validation studyHabib, Bettina; Tamblyn, Robyn; Girard, Nadyne; Eguale, Tewodros; Huang, Allen
2021-04-22The impact of novel and traditional food bank approaches on food insecurity: a longitudinal study in Ottawa, CanadaRizvi, Anita; Wasfi, Rania; Enns, Aganeta; Kristjansson, Elizabeth
2021-04-21Summary measures of socioeconomic and area-based inequalities in fertility rates among adolescents: evidence from Ethiopian demographic and health surveys 2000–2016Yaya, Sanni; Ameyaw, Edward K; Idriss-Wheeler, Dina; Shibre, Gebretsadik; Zegeye, Betregiorgis
2021-04-16The COVID-19 pandemic and eating disorders in children, adolescents, and emerging adults: virtual care recommendations from the Canadian consensus panel during COVID-19 and beyondCouturier, Jennifer; Pellegrini, Danielle; Miller, Catherine; Bhatnagar, Neera; Boachie, Ahmed; Bourret, Kerry; Brouwers, Melissa; Coelho, Jennifer S; Dimitropoulos, Gina; Findlay, Sheri; Ford, Catherine; Geller, Josie; Grewal, Seena; Gusella, Joanne; Isserlin, Leanna; Jericho, Monique; Johnson, Natasha; Katzman, Debra K; Kimber, Melissa; Lafrance, Adele; Leclerc, Anick; Loewen, Rachel; Loewen, Techiya; McVey, Gail; Norris, Mark; Pilon, David; Preskow, Wendy; Spettigue, Wendy; Steinegger, Cathleen; Waite, Elizabeth; Webb, Cheryl
2021-04-16The REPRISE project: protocol for an evaluation of REProducibility and Replicability In Syntheses of EvidencePage, Matthew J; Moher, David; Fidler, Fiona M; Higgins, Julian P T; Brennan, Sue E; Haddaway, Neal R; Hamilton, Daniel G; Kanukula, Raju; Karunananthan, Sathya; Maxwell, Lara J; McDonald, Steve; Nakagawa, Shinichi; Nunan, David; Tugwell, Peter; Welch, Vivian A; McKenzie, Joanne E
2021-04-16The association between cardiorespiratory fitness, liver fat and insulin resistance in adults with or without type 2 diabetes: a cross sectional-analysisSabag, Angelo; Keating, Shelley E; Way, Kimberley L; Sultana, Rachelle N; Lanting, Sean M; Twigg, Stephen M; Johnson, Nathan A
2021-04-13The association between varying levels of palliative care involvement on costs during terminal hospitalizations in Canada from 2012 to 2015Isenberg, Sarina R; Meaney, Christopher; May, Peter; Tanuseputro, Peter; Quinn, Kieran; Qureshi, Danial; Saunders, Stephanie; Webber, Colleen; Seow, Hsien; Downar, James; Smith, Thomas J; Husain, Amna; Lawlor, Peter G; Fowler, Rob; Lachance, Julie; McGrail, Kimberlyn; Hsu, Amy T
2021-04-14Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a combined virtual reality, robotics and electrical stimulation intervention in upper extremity stroke rehabilitationNorouzi-Gheidari, Nahid; Archambault, Philippe S; Monte-Silva, Katia; Kairy, Dahlia; Sveistrup, Heidi; Trivino, Michael; Levin, Mindy F; Milot, Marie-Hélène
2021-04-17There is life beyond the statistical significanceCiapponi, Agustín; Belizán, José M; Piaggio, Gilda; Yaya, Sanni
2021-04-19Guidelines are needed for studies of pre-treatment HIV drug resistance: a methodological studyMbuagbaw, Lawrence; Ongolo-Zogo, Clémence; Mendoza, Olivia C; Zani, Babalwa; Morfaw, Frederick; Nyambi, Agatha; Wang, Annie; Kiflen, Michel; El-Kechen, Hussein; Leenus, Alvin; Youssef, Mark; Rehman, Nadia; Hermans, Lucas; MacDonald, Virginia; Bertagnolio, Silvia
2021-04-13Experiences of Inuit in Canada who travel from remote settings for cancer care and impacts on decision makingJull, Janet; Sheppard, Amanda J; Hizaka, Alex; Barton, Gwen; Doering, Paula; Dorschner, Danielle; Edgecombe, Nancy; Ellis, Megan; Graham, Ian D; Habash, Mara; Jodouin, Gabrielle; Kilabuk, Lynn; Koonoo, Theresa; Roberts, Carolyn
2021-04-07Correction to: A qualitative study of barriers to employment experienced by people living with HIV in Toronto and OttawaPerri, Melissa; Craig-Neil, Amy; Gaspar, Mark; Hunter, Charlotte; Kendall, Claire; Alexander, Ower; Pinto, Andrew D
2021-04-07Determinants of infant feeding practices among Black mothers living with HIV: a multinomial logistic regression analysisEtowa, Josephine; Hannan, Jean; Etowa, Egbe B; Babatunde, Seye; Phillips, J. C
2021-04-07Elderberry for prevention and treatment of viral respiratory illnesses: a systematic reviewWieland, L. S; Piechotta, Vanessa; Feinberg, Termeh; Ludeman, Emilie; Hutton, Brian; Kanji, Salmaan; Seely, Dugald; Garritty, Chantelle
2021-04-06Short-term earnings mobility in the Canadian and German context: the role of cognitive skillsPullman, Ashley; Gauly, Britta; Lechner, Clemens M
2021-04-01Trialists perspectives on sustaining, spreading, and scaling-up of quality improvement interventionsLaur, Celia; Corrado, Ann M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Ivers, Noah