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2021-02-25Changing behaviour, ‘more or less’: do implementation and de-implementation interventions include different behaviour change techniques?Patey, Andrea M.; Grimshaw, Jeremy M.; Francis, Jill J.
2021-02-25Comorbidities and inflammation associated with ovarian cancer and its influence on SARS-CoV-2 infectionChaudhari, Sima; Dey Pereira, Satyajit; Asare-Warehene, Meshach; Naha, Ritam; Kabekkodu, Shama P.; Tsang, Benjamin K.; Satyamoorthy, Kapaettu
2021-02-28Factors hindering health care delivery in nomadic communities: a cross-sectional study in Timbuktu, MaliSangare, Moussa; Coulibaly, Yaya I.; Coulibaly, Siaka Y.; Dolo, Housseini; Diabate, Abdoul F.; Atsou, Kueshivi M.; Souleymane, Abdoul A.; Rissa, Youssouf A.; Moussa, Dada W.; Abdallah, Fadimata W.; Dembele, Massitan; Traore, Mahamadou; Diarra, Tieman; Brieger, William R.; Traore, Sekou F.; Doumbia, Seydou; Diop, Samba
2021-02-19Estimating Fisher discriminant error in a linear integrator model of neural population activityCalderini, Matias; Thivierge, Jean-Philippe
2021-02-18Sympathetic Nervous System and Exercise Affects Cognition in Youth (SNEACY): study protocol for a randomized crossover trialRaine, Lauren B.; McDonald, Katherine; Shigeta, Tatsuya T.; Hsieh, Shu-Shih; Hunt, Jennifer; Chiarlitti, Nathan A.; Lim, Michelle; Gebhardt, Kristen; Collins, Nina; De Lisio, Michael; Mullen, Sean P.; Kramer, Arthur F.; Hillman, Charles
2021-02-18Capturing the impact of cultural differences in residencyArchibald, Douglas; Eyre, Alison; Szczepanik, Dorota; Burns, Joseph K.; Laroche, Lionel
2021-02-19Factors affecting the mature use of electronic medical records by primary care physicians: a systematic reviewRahal, Rana M.; Mercer, Jay; Kuziemsky, Craig; Yaya, Sanni
2021-02-22Correction to: Avian eggshell biomineralization: an update on its structure, mineralogy and protein tool kitGautron, J.; Stapane, L.; Le Roy, N.; Nys, Y.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A. B.; Hincke, M. T.
2021-02-19Assessing the efficacy of two dual-active ingredients long-lasting insecticidal nets for the control of malaria transmitted by pyrethroid-resistant vectors in Benin: study protocol for a three-arm, single-blinded, parallel, cluster-randomized controlled trialAccrombessi, Manfred; Cook, Jackie; Ngufor, Corine; Sovi, Arthur; Dangbenon, Edouard; Yovogan, Boulais; Akpovi, Hilaire; Hounto, Aurore; Thickstun, Charles; Padonou, Gil G.; Tokponnon, Filemon; Messenger, Louisa A.; Kleinschmidt, Immo; Rowland, Mark; Akogbeto, Martin C.; Protopopoff, Natacha
2021-02-15Informal Caregiving and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Scoping ReviewPickering, Christina J; Dancey, Maya; Paik, Karen; O’Sullivan, Tracey
2021-02-10Physical activity behaviors and attitudes among women with an eating disorder: a qualitative studyBrunet, Jennifer; Del Duchetto, Francis; Wurz, Amanda
2021-02-12Hollow-fiber bioreactor production of extracellular vesicles from human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells yields nanovesicles that mirrors the immuno-modulatory antigenic signature of the producer cellGobin, Jonathan; Muradia, Gauri; Mehic, Jelica; Westwood, Carole; Couvrette, Lauren; Stalker, Andrew; Bigelow, Stewart; Luebbert, Christian C; Bissonnette, Frédéric S; Johnston, Michael J W; Sauvé, Simon; Tam, Roger Y; Wang, Lisheng; Rosu-Myles, Michael; Lavoie, Jessie R
2021-02-15Monitoring circulating dipeptidyl peptidase 3 (DPP3) predicts improvement of organ failure and survival in sepsis: a prospective observational multinational studyBlet, Alice; Deniau, Benjamin; Santos, Karine; van Lier, Dirk P T; Azibani, Feriel; Wittebole, Xavier; Chousterman, Benjamin G; Gayat, Etienne; Hartmann, Oliver; Struck, Joachim; Bergmann, Andreas; Antonelli, Massimo; Beishuizen, Albertus; Constantin, Jean-Michel; Damoisel, Charles; Deye, Nicolas; Di Somma, Salvatore; Dugernier, Thierry; François, Bruno; Gaudry, Stephane; Huberlant, Vincent; Lascarrou, Jean-Baptiste; Marx, Gernot; Mercier, Emmanuelle; Oueslati, Haikel; Pickkers, Peter; Sonneville, Romain; Legrand, Matthieu; Laterre, Pierre-François; Mebazaa, Alexandre
2021-02-11The use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors vs. angiotensin receptor blockers and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease: the importance of blood-brain barrier penetration and APOE ε4 carrier statusOuk, Michael; Wu, Che-Yuan; Rabin, Jennifer S; Jackson, Aaron; Edwards, Jodi D; Ramirez, Joel; Masellis, Mario; Swartz, Richard H; Herrmann, Nathan; Lanctôt, Krista L; Black, Sandra E; Swardfager, Walter
2021-02-12Avian eggshell biomineralization: an update on its structure, mineralogy and protein tool kitGautron, J.; Stapane, L.; Le Roy, N.; Nys, Y.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A. B; Hincke, M. T
2021-02-15WACS: improving ChIP-seq peak calling by optimally weighting controlsAwdeh, Aseel; Turcotte, Marcel; Perkins, Theodore J
2021-02-06Examining barriers to healthcare access and utilization of antenatal care services: evidence from demographic health surveys in sub-Saharan AfricaAhinkorah, Bright O; Ameyaw, Edward K; Seidu, Abdul-Aziz; Odusina, Emmanuel K; Keetile, Mpho; Yaya, Sanni
2021-02-05“What is the actual goal of the pathway?”: examining emergency department physician and nurse perspectives on the implementation of a pediatric concussion pathway using the theoretical domains frameworkLy, Anh; Zemek, Roger; Wright, Bruce; Zwicker, Jennifer; Schneider, Kathryn; Mikrogianakis, Angelo; Conradi, Alf; Johnson, David; Clark, Brenda; Barlow, Karen; Burey, Joseph; Kolstad, Ash; Yeates, Keith O
2021-02-05COVID-19 pandemic and violence: rising risks and decreasing urgent care-seeking for sexual assault and domestic violence survivorsMuldoon, Katherine A; Denize, Kathryn M; Talarico, Robert; Fell, Deshayne B; Sobiesiak, Agnes; Heimerl, Melissa; Sampsel, Kari
2021-02-04Distinct roles for the RNA-binding protein Staufen1 in prostate cancerMarcellus, Kristen A; Crawford Parks, Tara E; Almasi, Shekoufeh; Jasmin, Bernard J