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2020-03-25Lifetime patient outcomes and healthcare utilization for Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and extreme preterm infants: a microsimulation studyvan Katwyk, Sasha; Augustine, Sajit; Thébaud, Bernard; Thavorn, Kednapa
2020-03-24Nutritional quality of foods and non-alcoholic beverages advertised on Brazilian free-to-air television: a cross-sectional studyLeite, Fernanda H M; Mais, Laís A; Ricardo, Camila Z; Andrade, Giovanna C; Guimarães, Julia S; Claro, Rafael M; Duran, Ana Clara d; Martins, Ana P B
2020-03-16The relationship between the Ottawa Valve Collapse Scale (OVCS) and clinical outcomes in septoplasty patientsStaibano, Phillip; Bonaparte, James P
2020-03-17ILK supports RhoA/ROCK-mediated contractility of human intestinal epithelial crypt cells by inducing the fibrillogenesis of endogenous soluble fibronectin during the spreading processGagné, David; Benoit, Yannick D; Groulx, Jean-François; Vachon, Pierre H; Beaulieu, Jean-François
2020-03-11RapidAIM: a culture- and metaproteomics-based Rapid Assay of Individual Microbiome responses to drugsLi, Leyuan; Ning, Zhibin; Zhang, Xu; Mayne, Janice; Cheng, Kai; Stintzi, Alain; Figeys, Daniel
2020-03-09Journal impact factor, trial effect size, and methodological quality appear scantly related: a systematic review and meta-analysisSaginur, Michael; Fergusson, Dean; Zhang, Tinghua; Yeates, Karen; Ramsay, Tim; Wells, George; Moher, David
2020-03-12Variations in factors associated with healthcare providers’ intention to engage in interprofessional shared decision making in home care: results of two cross-sectional surveysAdekpedjou, Rhéda; Haesebaert, Julie; Stacey, Dawn; Brière, Nathalie; Freitas, Adriana; Rivest, Louis-Paul; Légaré, France
2020-03-10Sedentary behaviour surveillance in Canada: trends, challenges and lessons learnedPrince, Stephanie A; Melvin, Alexandria; Roberts, Karen C; Butler, Gregory P; Thompson, Wendy
2020-03-10Medications for sleep disturbance in children and adolescents with depression: a survey of Canadian child and adolescent psychiatristsBoafo, Addo; Greenham, Stephanie; Sullivan, Marla; Bazaid, Khalid; Suntharalingam, Sinthuja; Silbernagel, Lana; Magner, Katherine; Robillard, Rébecca
2020-03-03Reporting health research translation and impact in the curriculum vitae: a surveyBoland, L.; Brosseau, L.; Caspar, S.; Graham, I. D; Hutchinson, A. M; Kothari, A.; McNamara, K.; McInnes, E.; Angel, M.; Stacey, D.
2020-03-07Bullying victimization among preadolescents in a community-based sample in Canada: a latent class analysisAshrafi, Adiba; Feng, Cindy X; Neudorf, Cory; Alphonsus, Khrisha B
2020-03-06Development of the Inner City attitudinal assessment tool (ICAAT) for learners across Health care professionsMcKinney, Mark; Smith, Katherine E; Dong, Kathryn A; Babenko, Oksana; Ross, Shelley; Kelly, Martina A; Salvalaggio, Ginetta
2020-03-04Predicting the need for supportive services after discharged from hospital: a systematic reviewKobewka, Daniel M; Mulpuru, Sunita; Chassé, Michaël; Thavorn, Kednapa; Lavallée, Luke T; English, Shane W; Neilipovitz, Benjamin; Neilipovitz, Jonathan; Forster, Alan J; McIsaac, Daniel I
2020-03-05Conserved contributions of NMDA receptor subtypes to synaptic responses in lamina II spinal neurons across early postnatal developmentMahmoud, Hadir; Martin, Newton; Hildebrand, Michael E
2020-03-04A comparison of self-reported and device measured sedentary behaviour in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysisPrince, Stephanie A; Cardilli, Luca; Reed, Jennifer L; Saunders, Travis J; Kite, Chris; Douillette, Kevin; Fournier, Karine; Buckley, John P
2020-02-25Effectiveness of confidential reports to physicians on their prescribing of antipsychotic medications in nursing homesIvers, Noah M; Taljaard, Monica; Giannakeas, Vasily; Reis, Catherine; Mulhall, Cara L; Lam, Jonathan M; Burchell, Ann N; Lebovic, Gerald; Bronskill, Susan E
2020-02-25A multiple-behaviour investigation of goal prioritisation in physicians receiving audit and feedback to address high-risk prescribing in nursing homesMcCleary, Nicola; Desveaux, Laura; Reis, Catherine; Linklater, Stefanie; Witteman, Holly O; Taljaard, Monica; Thavorn, Kednapa; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Ivers, Noah M; Presseau, Justin
2020-02-27MHealth and perceived quality of care delivery: a conceptual model and validationO’Connor, Yvonne; Andreev, Pavel; O’Reilly, Philip
2020-02-18Is patient-centred care for women a priority for policy-makers? Content analysis of government policiesGagliardi, Anna R; Dunn, Sheila; Foster, Angel M; Grace, Sherry L; Khanlou, Nazilla; Stewart, Donna E; Straus, Sharon E
2020-02-18Timely initiation of breastfeeding in Zimbabwe: evidence from the demographic and health surveys 1994–2015Yaya, Sanni; Bishwajit, Ghose; Shibre, Gebretsadik; Buh, Amos