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2019-04-10Knowledge and attitudes regarding elective oocyte cryopreservation in undergraduate and medical studentsMahesan, Arnold M; Sadek, Seifeldin; Ramadan, Hadi; Bocca, Silvina; Paul, Anthea B M; Stadtmauer, Laurel
2019-04-08Modulation of mTOR and CREB pathways following mGluR5 blockade contribute to improved Huntington’s pathology in zQ175 miceAbd-Elrahman, Khaled S; Ferguson, Stephen S G
2019-04-11RE-AIMing conferences: evaluating the adoption, implementation and maintenance of the Rick Hansen Institute’s Praxis 2016Gainforth, Heather L; Baxter, Kristy; Baron, Justine; Michalovic, Emilie; Caron, Jeffrey G; Sweet, Shane N
2019-04-11Prospective audit and feedback on antibiotic use in neonatal intensive care: a retrospective cohort studyThampi, Nisha; Shah, Prakesh S; Nelson, Sandra; Agarwal, Amisha; Steinberg, Marilyn; Diambomba, Yenge; Morris, Andrew M
2019-04-05Association between harm reduction strategies and healthcare utilization in patients on long-term prescribed opioid therapy presenting to acute healthcare settings: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisDeschamps, Jean; Gilbertson, James; Straube, Sebastian; Dong, Kathryn; MacMaster, Frank P; Korownyk, Christina; Montgomery, Lori; Mahaffey, Ryan; Downar, James; Clarke, Hance; Muscedere, John; Rittenbach, Katherine; Featherstone, Robin; Sebastianski, Meghan; Vandermeer, Ben; Lynam, Deborah; Magnussen, Ryan; Bagshaw, Sean M; Rewa, Oleksa G
2019-04-03Interventions to improve emergency department use for mental health reasons: protocol for a mixed-methods systematic reviewVandyk, Amanda D; Kaluzienski, Mark; Goldie, Catherine; Stokes, Yehudis; Ross-White, Amanda; Kronick, Jeremy; Gilmour, Matthew; MacPhee, Colleen; Graham, Ian D
2019-04-03Discharge communication practices in pediatric emergency care: a systematic review and narrative synthesisCurran, Janet A; Gallant, Allyson J; Zemek, Roger; Newton, Amanda S; Jabbour, Mona; Chorney, Jill; Murphy, Andrea; Hartling, Lisa; MacWilliams, Kate; Plint, Amy; MacPhee, Shannon; Bishop, Andrea; Campbell, Samuel G
2019-04-02Incomplete description of the current body of evidence of the health economics of Duchenne muscular dystrophyLandfeldt, Erik; Lochmüller, Hanns; Lindgren, Peter; Ryder, S.; Leadley, R. M; Armstrong, N.; Westwood, M.; de Kock, S.; Butt, T.; Kleijnen, J.
2019-04-02Device-measured physical activity, sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic health and fitness across occupational groups: a systematic review and meta-analysisPrince, Stephanie A; Elliott, Cara G; Scott, Kyle; Visintini, Sarah; Reed, Jennifer L
2019-04-05Can the effects of the mobilization of vulnerable elders in Ontario (MOVE ON) implementation be replicated in new settings: an interrupted time series designMoore, Julia E; Liu, Barbara; Khan, Sobia; Harris, Charmalee; Ewusie, Joycelyne E; Hamid, Jemila S; Straus, Sharon E
2019-04-02Perceptions and intentions toward medical assistance in dying among Canadian medical studentsFalconer, James; Couture, Félix; Demir, Koray K; Lang, Michael; Shefman, Zachary; Woo, Mark
2019-03-29Trends in the prevalence and care-seeking behaviour for acute respiratory infections among Ugandan infantsYaya, Sanni; Bishwajit, Ghose
2019-03-27Cost-effectiveness of cannabinoids for pediatric drug-resistant epilepsy: protocol for a systematic review of economic evaluationsElliott, Jesse; McCoy, Bláthnaid; Clifford, Tammy; Potter, Beth K; Skidmore, Becky; Wells, George A; Coyle, Doug
2019-03-29“The more children you have, the more praise you get from the community”: exploring the role of sociocultural context and perceptions of care on maternal and newborn health among Somali refugees in UNHCR supported camps in KenyaGee, Stephanie; Vargas, Josep; Foster, Angel M
2019-03-29Social change agent training program tailored to occupational therapists’ needs: a design-based study protocolRahimaly, Sarah; Beaudoin, Michaël; Bédard, Denis; Hudon, Anne; Jasmin, Emmanuelle; Verville, France; Carrier, Annie
2019-03-22Health services use among children diagnosed with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency through newborn screening: a cohort study in Ontario, CanadaKaraceper, Maria D; Khangura, Sara D; Wilson, Kumanan; Coyle, Doug; Brownell, Marni; Davies, Christine; Dodds, Linda; Feigenbaum, Annette; Fell, Deshayne B; Grosse, Scott D; Guttmann, Astrid; Hawken, Steven; Hayeems, Robin Z; Kronick, Jonathan B; Laberge, Anne-Marie; Little, Julian; Mhanni, Aizeddin; Mitchell, John J; Nakhla, Meranda; Potter, Murray; Prasad, Chitra; Rockman-Greenberg, Cheryl; Sparkes, Rebecca; Stockler, Sylvia; Ueda, Keiko; Vallance, Hilary; Wilson, Brenda J; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Potter, Beth K
2019-03-19Ethical failings of CPSO policy and the health care consent act: case reviewLandry, Joshua T; Patel, Rakesh; Neilipovitz, David; Kyeremanteng, Kwadwo; D’Egidio, Gianni
2019-03-11A retrospective analysis of two tertiary care dizziness clinics: a multidisciplinary chronic dizziness clinic and an acute dizziness clinicStaibano, Phillip; Lelli, Daniel; Tse, Darren
2019-03-12The effect of surface inclination and limb on knee loading measures in transtibial prosthesis usersDoyle, Sean S; Lemaire, Edward D; Nantel, Julie; Sinitski, Emily H
2019-03-04Exceptional response and multisystem autoimmune-like toxicities associated with the same T cell clone in a patient with uveal melanoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitorsRapisuwon, Suthee; Izar, Benjamin; Batenchuk, Cory; Avila, Alexandre; Mei, Shaolin; Sorger, Peter; Parks, Jerry M; Cooper, Sarah J; Wagner, David; Zeck, Jay C; Charabaty, Aline J; Atkins, Michael B