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2020-10-23Neuromuscular blocking agents in acute respiratory distress syndrome: updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trialsTarazan, Nehal; Alshehri, Moayad; Sharif, Sameer; Al Duhailib, Zainab; Møller, Morten H; Belley-Cote, Emilie; Alshahrani, Mohammed; Centofanti, John; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Baw, Bandar; Meade, Maureen; Alhazzani, Waleed
2020-10-22Prevention of post-cardiac surgery vitamin D deficiency in children with congenital heart disease: a pilot feasibility dose evaluation randomized controlled trialMcNally, James D; O’Hearn, Katie; Fergusson, Dean A; Lougheed, Jane; Doherty, Dermot R; Maharajh, Gyaandeo; Weiler, Hope; Jones, Glenville; Khamessan, Ali; Redpath, Stephanie; Geier, Pavel; McIntyre, Lauralyn; Lawson, Margaret L; Girolamo, Tara; Menon, Kusum
2020-10-23A qualitative study of microaggressions against African Americans on predominantly White campusesWilliams, Monnica T; Skinta, Matthew D; Kanter, Jonathan W; Martin-Willett, Renée; Mier-Chairez, Judy; Debreaux, Marlena; Rosen, Daniel C
2020-10-24Psychosocial and pharmacologic interventions for methamphetamine addiction: protocol for a scoping review of the literatureHamel, C.; Corace, K.; Hersi, M.; Rice, D.; Willows, M.; Macpherson, P.; Sproule, B.; Flores-Aranda, J.; Garber, G.; Esmaeilisaraji, L.; Skidmore, B.; Porath, A.; Ortiz Nunez, R.; Hutton, B.
2020-10-20Biofilm exacerbates antibiotic resistance: Is this a current oversight in antimicrobial stewardship?Bowler, Philip; Murphy, Christine; Wolcott, Randall
2020-10-22Socio-economic and demographic determinants of female genital mutilation in sub-Saharan Africa: analysis of data from demographic and health surveysAhinkorah, Bright O; Hagan, John E; Ameyaw, Edward K; Seidu, Abdul-Aziz; Budu, Eugene; Sambah, Francis; Yaya, Sanni; Torgbenu, Eric; Schack, Thomas
2020-10-21Melatonin to prevent delirium in patients with advanced cancer: a double blind, parallel, randomized, controlled, feasibility trialLawlor, Peter G; McNamara-Kilian, Marie T; MacDonald, Alistair R; Momoli, Franco; Tierney, Sallyanne; Lacaze-Masmonteil, Nathalie; Dasgupta, Monidipa; Agar, Meera; Pereira, Jose L; Currow, David C; Bush, Shirley H
2020-10-22Effectiveness of upgraded maternity waiting homes and local leader training on improving institutional births: a cluster-randomized controlled trial in Jimma, EthiopiaKurji, Jaameeta; Gebretsadik, Lakew A; Wordofa, Muluemebet A; Morankar, Sudhakar; Bedru, Kunuz H; Bulcha, Gebeyehu; Bergen, Nicole; Kiros, Getachew; Asefa, Yisalemush; Asfaw, Shifera; Mamo, Abebe; Endale, Erko; Thavorn, Kednapa; Labonte, Ronald; Taljaard, Monica; Kulkarni, Manisha A
2020-10-14Partnering with patients to get better outcomes with chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy: towards engagement of patients in early phase trialsFoster, Madison; Fergusson, Dean A; Hawrysh, Terry; Presseau, Justin; Kekre, Natasha; Schwartz, Stuart; Castillo, Gisell; Asad, Sarah; Fox, Grace; Atkins, Harold; Thavorn, Kednapa; Montroy, Joshua; Holt, Robert A; Monfaredi, Zarah; Lalu, Manoj M
2020-10-16Identifying, describing, and assessing interventions that support new graduate nurse transition into critical care nursing practice: a systematic review protocolVanderspank-Wright, Brandi; Lalonde, Michelle; Squires, Janet; Graham, Ian D; Efstathiou, Nikolaos; Devey Burry, Robin; Marcogliese, Emily; Skidmore, Becky; Vandyk, Amanda
2020-10-14Inequality in fertility rate among adolescents: evidence from Timor-Leste demographic and health surveys 2009–2016Yaya, Sanni; Zegeye, Betregiorgis; Ahinkorah, Bright O; Oladimeji, Kelechi E; Shibre, Gebretsadik
2020-10-15Accuracy and reproducibility of somatic point mutation calling in clinical-type targeted sequencing dataKarimnezhad, Ali; Palidwor, Gareth A; Thavorn, Kednapa; Stewart, David J; Campbell, Pearl A; Lo, Bryan; Perkins, Theodore J
2020-10-15An evaluation of DistillerSR’s machine learning-based prioritization tool for title/abstract screening – impact on reviewer-relevant outcomesHamel, C.; Kelly, S. E; Thavorn, K.; Rice, D. B; Wells, G. A; Hutton, B.
2020-10-14Self-reported activities of daily living, health and quality of life among older adults in South Africa and Uganda: a cross sectional studyYaya, Sanni; Idriss-Wheeler, Dina; Sanogo, N’doh A; Vezina, Maude; Bishwajit, Ghose
2020-10-19Genome-wide identification of ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter and heavy metal associated (HMA) gene families in flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)Khan, Nadeem; You, Frank M; Datla, Raju; Ravichandran, Sridhar; Jia, Bosen; Cloutier, Sylvie
2020-10-07A protocol for a scoping review of equity measurement in mental health care for children and youthGardner, William; Nicholls, Stuart G; Reid, Graham J; Hutton, Brian; Hamel, Candyce; Sikora, Lindsey; Salamatmanesh, Mina; Duncan, Laura; Georgiades, Katholiki; Gilliland, Jason
2020-10-08Lessons learned from COVID-19 for the post-antibiotic futureWilson, Lindsay A; Rogers Van Katwyk, Susan; Fafard, Patrick; Viens, A. M; Hoffman, Steven J
2020-10-06Prior treatment status: impact on the efficacy and safety of teriflunomide in multiple sclerosisComi, Giancarlo; Freedman, Mark S; Meca-Lallana, José E; Vermersch, Patrick; Kim, Byoung J; Parajeles, Alexander; Edwards, Keith R; Gold, Ralf; Korideck, Houari; Chavin, Jeffrey; Poole, Elizabeth M; Coyle, Patricia K
2020-10-08The impact of dementia and language on hospitalizations: a retrospective cohort of long-term care residentsRiad, Karine; Webber, Colleen; Batista, Ricardo; Reaume, Michael; Rhodes, Emily; Knight, Braden; Prud’homme, Denis; Tanuseputro, Peter
2020-09-29Assessing how information is packaged in rapid reviews for policy-makers and other stakeholders: a cross-sectional studyGarritty, Chantelle; Hamel, Candyce; Hersi, Mona; Butler, Claire; Monfaredi, Zarah; Stevens, Adrienne; Nussbaumer-Streit, Barbara; Cheng, Wei; Moher, David