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2022-05-16Sex differences in HIV testing among elders in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review protocolGebremeskel, Akalewold T.; Omonaiye, Olumuyiwa; Yaya, Sanni
2022-05-16Video-based interviewing in medicine: a scoping reviewSelvam, Rajajee; Hu, Richard; Musselman, Reilly; Raiche, Isabelle; McIsaac, Daniel I.; Moloo, Husein
2022-05-14Protocol for the systematic review of return-to-activity criteria in adolescent patients following an anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionRomanchuk, Nicholas J.; Livock, Holly; Lukas, Kenneth J.; Del Bel, Michael J.; Benoit, Daniel L.; Carsen, Sasha
2022-05-11Maternal social support and health facility delivery in Southwest EthiopiaMamo, Abebe; Abera, Muluemebet; Abebe, Lakew; Bergen, Nicole; Asfaw, Shifera; Bulcha, Gebeyehu; Asefa, Yisalemush; Erko, Endale; Bedru, Kunuz H.; Lakew, Mihiretu; Kurji, Jaameeta; Kulkarni, Manisha A.; Labonté, Ronald; Birhanu, Zewdie; Morankar, Sudhakar
2022-05-10Neuroendocrine differentiation distinguishes basaloid variant of lung squamous cell carcinomaKeyhanian, Kianoosh; Phillips, William J.; Yeung, Benjamin S.; Gomes, Marcio; Lo, Bryan; Sekhon, Harmanjatinder S.
2022-05-11Uncovering the collateral impacts of COVID-19 on maternal mental healthOtu, Akaninyene; Yaya, Sanni
2022-05-16A fatal case of disseminated nocardiosis due to Nocardia otitidiscaviarum resistant to trimethoprim–sulfamethoxazole: case report and literature reviewBarry, Mazin; AlShehri, Shahad; alguhani, Ahlam; Barry, Mohammad; Alhijji, Ali; Binkhamis, Khalifa; Al-Majid, Fahad; Al-Shahrani, Fatimah S.; Muayqil, Taim
2022-05-16An undergraduate medical education framework for refugee and migrant health: Curriculum development and conceptual approachesGruner, Douglas; Feinberg, Yael; Venables, Maddie J.; Shanza Hashmi, Syeda; Saad, Ammar; Archibald, Douglas; Pottie, Kevin
2022-05-13Sexual behaviors at home and abroad: an online survey of Canadian young adult travelersGareau, Emmanuelle; Phillips, Karen P.
2022-05-10What can be done to improve polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) healthcare? Insights from semi-structured interviews with women in CanadaIsmayilova, Miya; Yaya, Sanni
2022-05-07Association of immediate reinsertion of new catheters with subsequent mortality among patients with suspected catheter infection: a cohort studyZhong, Yiyue; Deng, Liehua; Zhou, Limin; Liao, Shaoling; Yue, Liqun; Wen, Shi W.; Xie, Rihua; Lu, Yuezhen; Zhang, Liangqing; Tang, Jing; Wu, Jiayuan
2022-05-09Exploring factors influencing chiropractors’ adherence to radiographic guidelines for low back pain using the Theoretical Domains FrameworkTo, Daphne; Hall, Amanda; Bussières, André; French, Simon D.; Lawrence, Rebecca; Pike, Andrea; Patey, Andrea M.; Brake-Patten, Debbie; O’Keefe, Lino; Elliott, Barbara; De Carvalho, Diana
2022-05-07Enhancing the capacity of the mental health and substance use health workforce to meet population needs: insights from a facilitated virtual policy dialogueLeslie, Kathleen; Bartram, Mary; Atanackovic, Jelena; Chamberland-Rowe, Caroline; Tulk, Christine; Bourgeault, Ivy L.
2022-05-05Implementing a Canadian shared-care ADHD program in Beijing: Barriers and facilitators to consider prior to start-upBahraini, Sayna; Maisoneuve, Alexander R.; Liu, Yirong; Samson, André; Ying, Qian; Li, Fei; Yang, Li; Robaey, Philippe
2022-05-04Peripheral and neural correlates of self-harm in children and adolescents: a scoping reviewSparrow-Downes, Victoria M.; Trincao-Batra, Sara; Cloutier, Paula; Helleman, Amanda R.; Salamatmanesh, Mina; Gardner, William; Baksh, Anton; Kapur, Rishi; Sheridan, Nicole; Suntharalingam, Sinthuja; Currie, Lisa; Carrie, Liam D.; Hamilton, Arthur; Pajer, Kathleen
2022-05-05The moderating role of partners’ education on early antenatal care in northern GhanaApanga, Paschal A.; Kumbeni, Maxwell T.; Sakeah, James K.; Olagoke, Ayokunle A.; Ajumobi, Olufemi
2022-05-07Community perspectives on addressing and responding to HIV-testing, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) among African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) people in Ontario, CanadaEtowa, Josephine; Tharao, Wangari; Mbuagbaw, Lawrence; Baidoobonso, Shamara; Hyman, Ilene; Obiorah, Suzanne; Aden, Muna; Etowa, Egbe B.; Gebremeskel, Akalewold; Kihembo, Medys; Nelson, LaRon; Husbands, Winston
2022-05-05Public health perinatal promotion during COVID-19 pandemic: a social media analysisDurowaye, Toluwanimi D.; Rice, Alexandra R.; Konkle, Anne T. M.; Phillips, Karen P.
2022-04-29Predictors of adherence to prescribed exercise programs for older adults with medical or surgical indications for exercise: a systematic reviewShaw, Julia F.; Pilon, Sophie; Vierula, Matthieu; McIsaac, Daniel I.
2022-04-30Self-reported mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and its association with alcohol and cannabis use: a latent class analysisSomé, Nibene H.; Wells, Samantha; Felsky, Daniel; Hamilton, Hayley A.; Ali, Shehzad; Elton-Marshall, Tara; Rehm, Jürgen