Medical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and Competencies

dc.contributor.authorCaro, Denis H. J.
dc.description.abstractBackground: In this 21st century of diverse regional, national and international threats and emergency events, this study explores the unique authentic transformational leadership challenges unique to emergency medical systems. These complex systems respond to a range of critical emergency events, including mass emergencies, disasters and catastrophes and call for medical leadership competencies. Methods: A qualitative research study based on grounded theory examines the phenomenology of emergency medical systems by deploying triangulation to isolate the particular theoretical underpinnings of authentic transformational leadership models relevant to this domain. Using a key informant approach and a semi-structured confidential questionnaire, the perspectives of 103 emergency leaders of diverse professional backgrounds on the challenges of emergency management systems are presented. The response rate was 83.5 percent from 81 organizations across Canada. Results: This study underscores the need for authentic transformational leadership and identifies leadership competencies in the domain of emergency medical systems. This qualitative study of diverse emergency system leaders is original in that it has not hitherto been done across Canada nor internationally. Conclusions: This study underscores the relevance of leadership principles in the extant literature and highlights those that are critical and unique to leaders of emergency medical systems. In so doing, underscores the need for authentic transformation leadership of an order and caliber yet to be fully potentiated to manage future emergency and crisis events in Canada and internationally.
dc.subjectEmergency medical systems
dc.subjectKey informant study
dc.subjectMedical leadership
dc.subjectQualitative research
dc.titleMedical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and Competencies
dc.typeWorking Paper
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