Towards a Socio-Technical Theoretical Framework for Enterprise Gamification: A Research-in-Progress Paper

dc.contributor.authorRuhi, Umar
dc.description.abstractGamification initiatives are currently top-of-mind for many organizations seeking to engage their employees in creative ways, improve their productivity, and drive positive behavioral outcomes in their workforce – ultimately leading to positive business outcomes on the whole. Despite its touted benefits, little empirical research has been done to date to investigate sociological and technological factors that affect the acceptance and success of gamification technologies in an organizational context. This article proposes a theoretical framework for investigating key individual, organizational and technological factors that are posited to be important determinants of effectiveness of gamification initiative. At the technology level, game mechanics and user experience are posited to be essential elements that drive end-user attitude towards gamification technologies. At the individual level, employee engagement is positioned to be the central construct that mediates the relationship between technological and organizational factors, and impacts organizational commitment. Finally, at the organizational level, psychological climate is proposed as an important antecedent of employee engagement and organizational commitment at the individual level, as well as a determinant of end-user acceptance of enterprise gamification technologies. This article outlines the conceptual underpinnings of the proposed theoretical framework, and provides a summary of the planned research methodology that will be used to empirically validate the framework. The expected contributions of this research are highlighted at the end of the paper.
dc.subjectEnterprise Gamification
dc.subjectGamified Design
dc.subjectUser Experience
dc.subjectHuman-Computer Interaction
dc.subjectPersuasive Technology
dc.subjectBehavior Channge
dc.titleTowards a Socio-Technical Theoretical Framework for Enterprise Gamification: A Research-in-Progress Paper
dc.typeWorking Paper
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