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2016-08-01The Ethics of Aging in the 21st Century: Applying a Utilitarian Framework to Long-Term Care & Physician-Assisted SuicideWilde, Kristi
2016-08-01Impartialité et non-partisanerie chez les fonctionnaires fédéraux canadiens. Une analyse inspirée de la pensée de Hannah Arendt.Gauthier, Céline
2016-08-01The Arab Ordeal: Between Democratization and Islamization of the RegionHoballah, Leila
2015-12-31Developing an Ethical and Public Policy Approach to Social Media. Monitoring during Crises SituationDutta, Agradip
2015-12-01Reconsidering Sperm & Egg Donor Anonymity in Canada: An Ethical Perspective on Access to Information for Donor-Conceived ChildrenSaviotti, Jessica
2015-12-31An Ethical Examination of Military Physicians' Involvement in the Process of Detainee InterrogationRolle, Christopher
2015-08-01Le respect de la dignité humaine comme référence pour les devoirs moraux de l'homme envers lui-même et envers les autres hommes selon KantFrédérique, Jacques; Perron, Louis
2015-08-01What is the World to do? The International Problem of Homophobia in UgandaWestoll, Katherine; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Is There Such a Thing as Business Ethics? Applying and Reinterpreting MacIntyre's Virtue Ethics in the Modern WorkplaceSullivan, Daniel; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Militaristic national anthems and public ethics Is it about time to revise La Marseillaise?Kokolo, Madzouka Bwessé; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Dual Loyalty Conflict: the Ethical Ramifications of Medical Professionals'Participation in TortureHills, Samantha Lee; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Reciprocity with Posterity: Intergenerational Environmental Justice within a Rawlsian FrameworkHay, Peter; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Whose Problem is it Anyway?The Ethics and Effectiveness of Humanitarian Military Intervention by Western Liberal States in the Post-Cold War EraMitchell, A. Duff; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Morality for all SeasonsGatta, Santina; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Combat Trauma after the Afghanistan War: An Analysis of the Need to Care for Canadian Soldiers through the Framework of Preference EthicsMatende, John Kennedy Oriedo; Feist, Richard
2015-08-01Do Conditional Cash Transfers Promote Human Development? The Brazilian Case.Koshimizu, Ricardo; Feist, Richard