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Unfair Advantages: Performance Enhancing Drugs, Professional Athletes, and the Struggle to Maintain Fair Play at the Olympic Game 222
A Utilitarian Argument for the Operation of Safe Injection Sites 185
A Utilitarian Argument for the Operation of Safe Injection Sites 127
Reconsidering Sperm & Egg Donor Anonymity in Canada: An Ethical Perspective on Access to Information for Donor-Conceived Children 126
Cuteness and Singer’s Expanding Moral Circle: Examining Cuteness as a Moral Issue 124
Dual Loyalty Conflict: the Ethical Ramifications of Medical Professionals'Participation in Torture 122
What is the World to do? The International Problem of Homophobia in Uganda 117
Developing an Ethical and Public Policy Approach to Social Media. Monitoring during Crises Situation 116
Commission vérité et réconciliation au Burundi. Contribution de l’éthique reconstructive de Jean-Marc Ferry à la réconciliation 115
Whose Problem is it Anyway?The Ethics and Effectiveness of Humanitarian Military Intervention by Western Liberal States in the Post-Cold War Era 115

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