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2016-08-01Does carbon tax analysis consider motivation and household level behavioural change? Evaluation based on definitions from MCT and SDT.Holland, Vanessa; Pelletier, Luc; Rivers, Nic
2017-08-02Assessing the Effectiveness of National Wetland Adaptation and Management Frameworks in Kenya; The case of Nyando Wetland EcosystemOngoro, Wilver; Ramisch, Joshua
2017-08-14The Carbon Footprint of Canada's Food GuideYegna, Shwetha; Ramisch, Joshua; Rivers, Nic
2017-10-11Impacts of Recreational Trails on Wildlife Species: Implications for Gatineau ParkSoulard, Danielle; Heintzman, Paul
-Chemical Conditions Affecting Iron Oxides: Does the presence of phosphate within the structure of the iron oxides make them less reducible than synthetic pure ferrihydrite?Shulman, Samantha; Fortin, Danielle
2016-08-15Strategies for the mitigation of environmental impacts from aquaculture: An international comparisonLe Blanc, Genevieve; Pick, Frances; Lane, Dan
-Cities for All PeopleO'Neill, Sara Jane; Chalifour, Nathalie
2016-08-13Motivating Environmentally Conscious Behaviour Through Message FramingWylie, Sarah; Pelletier, Luc; Young, Nathan
2016-08-10Have we reached peak driving?: A 25-year decomposition of vehicle trends in CanadaShenstone - Harris, Sarah; Rivers, Nicholas; Paterson, Matthew
2016-07-20Investigating barriers to vegetarianism in developed economies, to determine the scope of opportunity for policy intervention in shaping pro-environmental consumption of foodCurrie, Jessica; Young, Nathan; Ramisch, Joshua
2016-12-16The Impact of a Cost Rebate on the Economics of Solar Power in CanadaMacDougall, Hillary; Wright, David