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2020Recension d'ouvrage: Le Prince 2020 – De l’usage de la dictature au 21e siècle? Jean-François Caron, 2020, Québec (Québec) : Presses de l’Université Laval, 260 pagesLeblond, Maxime
2013Public health and collaborative federalism: Or why an allegedly weak system to prevent pandemics is not the result of intergovernmental relations, collaborative or otherwiseFafard, Patrick
2016-10-11Poverty Reduction Strategies in Canada: A new way to tackle an old problem?Notten, Geranda; Laforest, Rachel
2015-10-15The Role of Skills in Understanding Low Income in CanadaHeisz, A.; Notten, G.; Situ, J.
2013-10-15The Breadth of Child Poverty in Europe: An Investigation into Overlap of DeprivationsRoelen, K; Notten, G
2015-10-01Child poverty in Ontario: The value added of material deprivation indicators for comparative policy analysis in North AmericaNotten, G
2009-11-11Is monetary poverty a suitable proxy for deprivation in the physical environment?Notten, G
2015-06-24How poverty indicators confound poverty reduction evaluations: The targeting performance of income transfers in EuropeNotten, G
2008-08-30Size matters: poverty reduction effects of means-tested and universal child benefits in RussiaNotten, G; Gassmann, F
2015-08-31Migrants' Myths and Imaginaries: Understanding Their Role in Migration Movements and PoliciesNakache, Delphine; Pellerin, Hélène; Veronis, Luisa
2013Are cash transfers a realistic policy tool for poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa?: Evidence from Congo and Côte d’IvoireHodges, Anthony; Notten, Geranda; O'Brien, Clare; Tiberti, Luca
2012A new tool for monitoring (child) poverty: measures of cumulative deprivationNotten, Geranda; Roelen, Keetie
2012Consumption smoothing in RussiaNotten, Geranda; de Crombrugghe, Denis
2011Monitoring absolute and relative poverty; ‘not enough’ is not the same as ‘much less’Notten, Geranda; de Neubourg, Chris